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20 May 2015 15.17
  • Press release

EC214 – new tiltrotator for excavators weighing between 9–14 tonnes

News coming from engcon in quick succession. As from January 2015, the new EC214 tiltrotator will be mass produced on the Nordic markets, and it will also be available on other markets at the half year end.

The new EC214 is the fifth model in Generation 2. Like the others in the series – the EC206, EC209, EC219 and EC226 – the EC214 has a number of advantages that make it the obvious choice of tiltrotator for excavators weighing between 9-14 tonnes. At the same time, this means that the Generation 2 tiltrotators from engcon now cover the entire range of excavators, from 3.5 to 26 tonnes.

Its size also makes the EC214 the optimum choice for backhoes.

”We know that the EC214 is much sought after, particularly among backhoe owners,” says engcon's Design Manager, Fredrik Jonsson.

The tilting potential on the EC214 has been increased to 45°, there is space for machine control sensors, integrated lubrication channels, all connected to a single lubrication point, and it is possible to adjust the lateral play on the new tiltrotator without dismantling it, which makes service and maintenance significantly easier and more versatile.

Like its siblings in Generation 2, the tilt cylinders on the EC214 are prepared for load bearing valves (standard on control system 9), which is a requirement in order to operate with the combination of tiltrotator and pallet forks.

New swivel

The major new feature on the EC214 is that it is equipped with a new swivel, and in combination with the NG10 valve it delivers flows of up to 100 litres per minute, making it possible to operate tools requiring high flow rates on extra attachment points. The new swivel is also adapted for an electrical ”channel”, as the EC214 will be fitted with engcon's award-winning Q-Safe quick hitch lock as standard in the long term.

The design of the new EC214 provides several advantages. The reinforced frame has radically improved performance, providing both greater breakout force and higher torque. At the same time, a new type of valve is contributing to lower fuel consumption.

On the new EC214, the hydraulic motor has also been moved to the left-hand side, where it is well protected and visible to the operator.

Series delivery of the EC214 on the Nordic markets starts from January 2015, and it will be released on other markets in June 2015.

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