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The engcon grip made it possible for Örjan to continue operating an excavator

In the beginning of December 2018, a message, or rather a cry for help, was received from Örjan Nordin, excavator operator at EAG construction. Örjan told us he had got such an ache in his wrists from the old grips that he had been on sick leave because of it.

Örjan had read about the Engcon ergonomic MIG2 joysticks and wondered whether they would be so ergonomically suitable that he would be able to operate excavators again. Together with EAG’s management it was decided to give it a try. The old joysticks were removed and a pair of MIG2s from Engcon were installed.
“I could hardly believe it! After a couple of months using the MIG2s, I had no more pain in my wrists”, Örjan tells us when we meet him at a road construction site in eastern Jämtland.

Örjan tells us that before the change of joysticks, he had a constant ache, his fingers swelled up so much that a ring had to be cut off and he had to use strong painkillers. It became so severe that he had to have special supports on his wrists for a period. After being on sick leave, Örjan could not return to his excavator, but had to change jobs and drive wheel loaders. Örjan did not need to move his wrists as much in that work.
“I really missed the excavator and when I asked my boss if we could try the Engcon joysticks there was an immediate positive response and I am very happy for that now”, says Örjan, who has operated excavators for more than 25 years.

In addition to proportional control of the tiltrotator, Örjan has connected wheel control to his MIG2s and he especially praises the wrist supports on the outside of the levers. This means that he does not need to grasp the joysticks so hard when moving the lever outwards.

In the spring of 2019, Örjan was given a new Cat 316F and the joysticks being installed in it were a given.
“Once again, the MIG2s showed how good they were. There was a delay between leaving my old machine and receiving the new one and I had to operate a different machine for the company in the meantime. Straight away the problems with my wrists returned. If I hadn’t got the MIG2s for my machine, I’d probably not have been able to operate the excavator any longer”, believes Örjan.

In addition to the MIG2s, Örjan’s new machine is equipped with a Q-Safe quick hitch with EC-Oil automatic oil connector and an EC219 tiltrotator with EC-Oil.
“EC-Oil improves my work environment as I don’t have to exit the cab to connect the hydraulics, electricity and central lubrication on my tiltrotator. That means I never have to hesitate to disconnect the tiltrotator when I need more breakout force and lifting height”, Örjan concludes.

"If I hadn't had the MIG2s fitted on my machine, I probably wouldn’t have been able to operate the excavator anymore."

Örjan Nordin, EAG Entreprenad

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