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For excavators weighing 27—33 tons

Engcon's cable bucket – developed for precision excavation with minimal width for e.g. cables or other services requiring narrow trenches. Its deep profile means better accessibility beneath intersecting cables and pipes and also allows deep trenching without the need for the tiltrotator to go below surface level.

Engcon’s cable buckets are available in two models – Standard and tapered (C)

Standard is the conventional type with parallel side plates for excavating ditches
with vertical sides.

The tapered model has a narrower blade than the standard cable bucket but with
the same width top, producing a narrower trench bottom with slightly sloping sides.
Engcon’s cable buckets are made from high-quality steel. As with other Engcon buckets, the cutters and other exposed wear surfaces have a hardness of 500 Brinell.

System engcon

What is most important for you?

World leading

We do everything necessary to create a complete package so our customers get the most out of their machines. We have dealers and service points are around the world.

Total concept

engcon's total concept makes your excavator more efficient. We supply safe products that turn your excavator into a flexible, profitable part of your operation.


The tiltrotator's ability to tilt and rotate makes the machine a good all-rounder that carries out most tasks with greater precision.


Fewer machine movements and faster jobs mean less wear on the machine.

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