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For excavators weighing 6—30 tons

Engcon’s rotating brushes – Make the most of what the excavator has to offer and open up previously undreamed-of possibilities in a wide range of speciality areas. Regardless of whether you’re sweeping soil, sand, gravel or snow, the brush will very quickly become a favourite tool you just won’t be able to live without. Areas such as road crossings, pedestrian walkways, tramway points, etc can be cleared as well as sweeping road sand and gravel, brushing grassed areas, foundations, rocks and more. The only limit is your imagination. A hydraulic motor provides the power and a chain drive which enables the brush rotation speed to be adjusted. The open design allows unsurpassed, service-friendly access, and the standard polypropylene brushes can be replaced quickly and easily. Compatible with EC-Oil, allowing automatic connection without the operator having to leave the cab.

System engcon

What is most important for you?

World leading

We do everything necessary to create a complete package so our customers get the most out of their machines. We have dealers and service points are around the world.

Total concept

engcon's total concept makes your excavator more efficient. We supply safe products that turn your excavator into a flexible, profitable part of your operation.


The tiltrotator's ability to tilt and rotate makes the machine a good all-rounder that carries out most tasks with greater precision.


Fewer machine movements and faster jobs mean less wear on the machine.

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