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Non Accident Generation – for a safer working environment

Through the “Non Accident Generation” the engcon Group is increasing focus on safety at the work place. Every product from engcon that is branded “Non Accident Generation” sets a new safety standard and is designed and constructed to create a safer workplace.

Dig Smart. Dig Safe.

Switch tasks quickly and safely

engcon offers safe quick hitch system for connecting tools, hydraulics, electrics and the central lubrication system fully automatically without your having to leave the cab.

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New tiltrotator training and certification scheme

Engcon is driving tiltrotator safety standards with the UK’s first national tiltrotator training and certification programme in conjunction with the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS). Suitable for all makes of tiltrotator, training can be brought to the user and conducted on the user’s machine for optimum convenience. Training is carried out by qualified instructors and includes an introduction to tiltrotators and practical instruction, followed by both a practical and written test, with a required pass mark of 80%.

This certification is available FREE with all purchases of a new Engcon tiltrotator and for a limited period we will offer the same terms to existing Engcon users*. We also operate a discount scheme for other models of tiltrotators - fill in the form to find out more.

* one awareness course per tiltrotator

What’s included?

The scheme covers the core elements of a tiltrotator and its use and is specifically designed to help operators understand how to use their tiltrotator correctly and safely.

Course format

  1. Brief overview of tiltrotators, including origin, development, application, sectors and attachments.

  2. Short demonstration, covering how a tiltrotator is used, how it affects the excavator’s capabilities, use of attachments (if present).

  3. Practical test using attachments (if present).
  4. Theoretical assessment – a written test (NPORS format).
  5. Debrief and assessment results.

engcon's s-type machine and beneath tiltrotator quick hitch

engcon's fully hydraulic quick hitch with multiple safety functions. Available both as machine hitches for all excavators between 2-40 tonnes and as quick hitches beneath engcon's EC206 tiltrotator and higher models.

With each order of a s-type machine hitch, tiltrotator and engcon's control system DC2, we include EC-Oil fully automatic oil connectors in the machine hitch and on the upper section of the tiltrotator.

If you order a hydraulic tool together with the above combination, we also include EC-Oil as standard equipment for the tiltrotator's quick hitch.

EC-Oil is ALWAYS included as standard equipment on all engcon hydraulic tools (with QS45-QS80). Feel free to contact us at Engcon for further information.

Q-Safe™ Benefits

  1. Fully automatic quick hitch system connects the tiltrotator and hydraulic tools without the operator having to leave the cab
  2. Hydraulic locking with multiple safety functions:
    1. Electronic sensors detect when both axles are in contact
    2. A check valve prevents the hydraulic cylinder from opening in the event of a hose rupture or pressure-drop
    3. Powerful exterior springs keep the hitch locked even if the electronics and hydraulics fail.
    4. The unique design of the lock bolt provides additional safety in that the bucket axle bottoms against the hitch's side plates, preventing it from dropping out of position even if all three of the preceding steps should fail.
  3. The tool can only be removed when it is resting on the ground at a given pressure (with QSC). This minimizes the risk of dropped buckets.
  4. Front and rear locks minimize the risk of accidents caused by dangling tools
  5. Q-Safe is supplied as standard with external audible and visible warning signals to alert the surrounding area
  6. Play-free design with double contact surfaces compared to many other hitch systems
  7. Long "shark jaws" for easier, safer tool pick-up
  8. Made from high-strength steel
  9. Compatible with all excavators in the stated weight class regardless of control system
  10. The hook is safety-rated in compliance with: EN ISO 12100-1/A1:2009 and EN ISO 12100-2/A1:2009
  11. Q-Safe also comes as standard beneath engcon's tiltrotators from the EC209 and higher models.

Refined tools

engcon offers a broad range of hydraulic tools for your excavator. The tools are designed for safety and durability, and are optimised to function with engcon's tiltrotators and quick hitches. All of engcon's hydraulic tools come equipped with EC-Oil™ automatic oil connectors for fast, safe tool changes without the operator having to leave the cab.

Stone and sieve grab

  1. A load-holding valve and pressure accumulator maintain gripping force for extended periods to ensure safe lifts.
  2. EC-Oil™ automatic oil connector for fast tool changes without having to leave the cab.
  3. Compliance with the relevant safety standards.
  4. High steel quality enhances safety.

Timber grab

  1. Load holding valve and pressure accumulator maintain gripping force for extended periods to ensure safe lifts (SK).
  2. EC-Oil™ automatic oil connector for fast, safe tool changes without having to leave the cab.
  3. Compliance with the relevant safety standards.
  4. High steel quality enhances safety.


  1. Avoid vibration injuries to groundwork personnel by using a compactor on the excavator
  2. Avoid the risk of land slip accidents to groundwork personnel by using a compactor on the excavator
  3. Compliance with the relevant safety standards.
  4. EC-Oil™ automatic oil connector for fast, safe tool changes without having to leave the cab.

Pallet fork

  1. Keep groundwork personnel at a safe distance by using a pallet fork on the excavator.
  2. Compliance with the relevant safety standards.
  3. High steel quality enhances safety.
  4. Hardened forks for maximum durability.
  5. EC-Oil™ automatic oil connector for fast, safe tool changes without having to leave the cab.

Rotating brushes

  1. Compliance with the relevant safety standards.
  2. Sweep streets, bus shelters, crosswalks, tramway switches, canopies etc. while keeping groundwork personnel at a safe distance
  3. Splash protection to prevent grit or snow from spattering people or property.
  4. EC-Oil™ automatic oil connector for fast, safe tool changes without having to leave the cab.

QSC – Quick Hitch Standard Control

Nobody would ever dream of switching the accelerator and brake pedals around in a car, as this would likely have deadly consequences. Today, quick hitch controls on the world's excavators differ entirely, depending on excavator make, model and market. With QSC – Quick Hitch Standard Control, engcon sets an entirely new standard. With QSC, we bring together excavator and tiltrotator quick hitch controls on a single panel that is always installed in the same place in the cab – a little to the right in front of the operator – regardless of excavator make or model. This minimises the risk of pressing the wrong button or function to release the bucket or tiltrotator.

QSC – standardised safety

  • Controls both the machine and tiltrotator quick hitches with a single control panel.
  • Standardises all lock functions.
  • Compatible with all excavators, regardless of make or model.
  • Also compatible with quick hitches of other makes
  • Optimised for Q-Safe quick hitches, bringing additional safety functions:
    • Slew and/or lift restrictions, as well as audible and visible warning signals in case of improperly connected bucket.
    • Ground pressure function, i.e. the bucket or other tool must be in contact with the ground to allow detachment from the quick hitch. Other types of quick hitches only come with the ground pressure function.

One of the safest control system and joysticks on the market

The DC2 control system and MIG2 joysticks control engcon's tiltrotators with the highest precision and are compliant with the ISO-13849-1 safety standard. This certification sets stringent standards on all control system components, including hydraulics, electronics and software. In addition to tiltrotator control, the DC2 offers the options of track, wheel and boom slew control. What’s more, remote support is available via a smartphone app. No matter how far away you are, your service technician can link to your tiltrotator via the cell phone network for troubleshooting and making necessary adjustments.

engcon DC2

  1. The engcon DC2 control system meets all current and known future safety requirements.


  1. + MIG2 joysticks provide soft, infinitely variable tiltrotator control. This means maximum precision, which makes work as safe as possible.
  2. Hand rests come as standard to provide a safe grip on the joystick.

Grab the situation safely

Sometimes you need a helping hand at work, and engcon's integrated grab accessory or grab cassettes in high-strength steel are the perfect helper for lifting heavy objects like posts, manhole covers and curbstones. Load-holding valves in each grab cylinder enhance safety.

  1. Designed to keep a good, safe grip on the load.
  2. Compliance with the relevant safety standards.
  3. High steel quality enhances safety.
  4. All tiltrotators with the SS9 control system (4-hose) that have an integrated grab have a so-called dump valve to prevent possible pressure surges when changing direction, thereby avoiding the risk of unwanted grab opening.
  5. Load-holding valves are fitted as standard equipment on our integrated grab's and detachable grab cassettes.

Tiltrotator – for a safer workplace

Since their introduction in the early 1990's, engcon's tiltrotators have revolutionised excavator capabilities, and have provided increased flexibility and better cost efficiencies for . It is equally important for the tiltrotator to make the workplace safer. Thanks to fewer machine moves and a broad range of tools, tiltrotators enhance safety by reducing the need for manual labour. Engcon's tiltrotators can be adapted to fit most of the excavators and backhoe loaders on the market, with machine weights ranging between 1.5 and 33 tonnes.

  • Load-holding valves in the tilt cylinders to keep the load secure in the event of our hose rupture are included as standard on ALL engcon tiltrotators.
  • All tiltrotators are fitted with sealed hose protection to prevent oil from spraying out, e.g. in the event of a hose rupture.
  • All tiltrotators from the EC209 are supplied with Q-Safe™ quick hitch as standard equipment
  • Comes ready for the QSC locking system to prevent incorrectly connected or dropped buckets
  • Engineered for high breakout torque
  • High steel quality enhances safety.

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