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22 Feb 2021 16.37
  • Press release

Engcon and Volvo launch a global collaboration
– the start of a long-term joint development in the industry

In 2020 the collaboration started with Engcon's eML (engcon Machine Link) and Volvo Smart Connect. This resulted in the first compatible machines, an updated EC250 E and EC300 E reaching the Engcon workshops and Volvo, with customer delivery due in the first quarter 2021. The project is the start of a global collaboration agreement between Volvo Construction Equipment and Engcon. The goal is to offer machines with Engcon's tiltrotator and safe quick hitches prepared as an integral part of the machine.

eML (engcon Machine Link) is Engcon's solution which, together with Volvo Smart Connect enables Engcon's tiltrotator to become an integral part of the machine. Via a smart interface, Engcon's control system can communicate with the machine's computer for both control of the tiltrotator and integration with Volvo's own developed machine control system Dig Assist.

”With this intelligent solution, Engcon's tiltrotator can become a fully integrated part of the machine and the benefits are many: time savings during installation, retained CE marking and direct integration with Volvo Dig Assist to name just a few. Customers can enjoy a fully integrated solution where value and customer experience are totally in focus”, explains Fredrik Eklind, Product Owner at Engcon Control Systems.

"With the common customer in focus"
eML is the solution that enables Engcon's own control system DC2 to communicate and share information with an OEM's machine computer and machine control system. By communicating via CANbus (Controller Area Network), information can be both sent and received securely and quickly – all with a simple electrical installation.

“It is the result of a close collaboration and the integration of several advanced solutions, the tiltrotator, the machine and machine control system, which enables this improved overall experience with the common customer in focus”, says Fredrik Eklind.

The integration has extended so far that with the next Dig Assist update, the customer will be able to clearly see that it is an Engcon product that is connected via the tiltrotator in Dig Assist's graphical interface using Engcon's signature colour. Other smart features with added customer value are linked to the exchange of information between Volvo Dig Assist and Engcon's DC2 control system and can be expected with this update.

”Machine control is a significant tool for today's operators, as is the tiltrotator, a combination where both parties exchange information that allows the customer to get all the benefits from both tools”, Fredrik Eklind explains.

The project with Engcon's eML and Volvo Smart Connect * has resulted in the first compatible machines reaching the workshops and Volvo, destined for Engcon's future customers during the first quarter 2021.

“The project and the close collaboration between Volvo and Engcon will continue. The ambition is that in 2021 we will see more of Volvo's machine models launched with the Volvo Smart Connect option and that together we will continue the development of intelligent and integrated solutions”, concludes Fredrik Eklind.

*Volvo Smart Connect is Volvo's solution for an open interface for collaborative tool manufacturers, which enables an Engcon tiltrotator with DC2 control system to be installed and integrated with a compatible and prepared Volvo excavator.

Sten Strömgren, engcon Group | +46 [0]70 529 96 32

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