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26 May 2020 20.10
  • Press release

Excavators around the world continue digging despite the crisis outside their cab – now Engcon pays tribute to them

The coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) has developed into a global pandemic, affecting many lives and severely restricting business operations around the world. At a time when many industries need to be up and running to maintain critical infrastructure. The world-leading tiltrotator manufacturer Engcon believes that the tiltrotator facilitates an isolated work environment, enabling the operator to remain in the cab. Engcon has created a tribute video "Engcon works" in recognition of the excavators as they operate around the world.

Many excavators must continue their important work with the maintenance of railways, highways, forestry and construction. But there are restrictions, a reduction in the maximum number of people allowed together in the workplace and social distancing. Excavator operators perform work that is important not only to the individual contractor but also to society at large. This is what Engcon wants to recognise and praise.

”The excavators have a socially important mission which they are currently continuing to perform, and that is why we want to pay tribute to them. An advantage in these times is that the excavator is always quite isolated and alone in his machine, so work can actually be done basically as usual. With the right tools attached to the machine, they do not need to step out of the cabin, except when they have a break or end for the day,” says Stig Engström founder and owner of Engcon.

The situation is similar all over the world. Thanks to excavator operators working enclosed, alone and at a safe distance from others, many in the building, plant and construction industry can continue their vital assignments. Engcon receives regular informal updates from excavators around the world whose skills are in demand.

“Many of our end customers actually state that they can barely handle all their assignments right now. It feels reassuring to know that certain things continue as usual even in troubled times. It gives hope for tomorrow when all this is over,” says Stig Engström.

Engcon's production facilities are up and running and customer demand for both support and spare parts remains high. Something that shows that when much else stands still, the excavators drive on.

“We can simply state that the excavation continues, and we are happy to be able to contribute to this. "Engcon works", even during tough times”, concludes Stig Engström.

Watch the tribute video "Engcon works" in which excavators show what types of work is currently being carried out around the world:

Sten Strömgren, engcon Group | +46 [0]70 529 96 32

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