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30 Apr 2020 23.00
  • Press release

French excavator operators love Engcon tiltrotators, which has lead to record sales in France

Engcon is a world-leading supplier and global manufacturer of tiltrotators and accessories for excavators. Expanding internationally has been Engon’s strategic focus in recent years, to great success. In France, Engcon's French subsidiary has seen strong growth, and 2019 was no exception. Delivering results that far surpassed its annual target, ranking third overall in the Engcon Group, behind far more mature markets such as Sweden and Finland.

Engcon started operating in France in 2002, and has since established itself as a market leader. Long-term local investments are now producing good results, such as the opening in 2015 of the French regional office in Mennecy, and a large storage facility holding about 1,500 spare parts to be able to rapidly serve French customers. The demand for tiltrotators in France has been steadily increasing. During the period 2015–2019 sales increased by 400 percent.

”Since 2002, we have been working hard to establish the tiltrotator as a phenomenon in the French market and in 2015 we started to really see an impact. A number of operators who are innovators have managed to influence the adoption of our products, which is evident in the 2019 results. In short, it was an excellent year driven by favourable market developments. But we must not settle for that, which is why we continue to implement our ambitious development plan”, says Patrick Régnier, Sales Manager at Engcon's French subsidiary.

Why French operators love the tiltrotator
The success in France is based on a number of factors. Engcon’s biggest strength is that the parent company Engcon Group, is a world leader in the industry. Engcon can initiate major changes and create new standards in the market. Based on these standards, the French subsidiary advises users, and guides them based on their needs and the type of work they perform.

Another important strength is the ability to sell a complete system and not just tiltrotators. Customers have understood the benefits of combining Engcon's wide range of products and accessories.

”The launch of the automatic quick mounting system with EC-oil by default gave us real momentum. The French love the offer and it has contributed greatly to our increased sales”, continues Patrick Régnier.

A demo says more than a thousand words
Engcon's slogan on the French market is "A demo says more than 1,000 words". To meet and learn from customers the subsidiary invested in a truck and a mini excavator, so that Engcon staff could travel around France and demonstrate Engcon's products. The purpose is for end users to directly discover through a demonstration all the benefits that Engcon's products bring to excavators and operators: safety, efficiency and profitability.

Engcon's French team, which consists of eight people in March 2020, will grow further during the year to meet customer needs and demand, which is expected to contribute to continued growth. Plus, more service partners will be contracted in order to be closer to customers.

”A strong presence in the field is required to serve our existing customers and at the same time attract new customers. We want to become the Engcon Group's largest subsidiary within five years and the tiltrotator should be as common a sight in France as it is in the Nordic countries. Now it remains to be seen how to address the ongoing Corona pandemic and its challenges. I hope we get through this quickly, not least for human health and well-being”, concludes Patrick Régnier.

Engcon continues to expand globally, with investments in North America and Asia (+ Australia) and in emerging markets in Europe.

Sten Strömgren, engcon Group | +46 [0]70 529 96 32

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