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02 Oct 2019 13.53
  • Press release

Engcon’s ergonomic MIG2 lever helps struggling excavator operator return to work

Engcon, the world’s leading manufacturer of tiltrotators, has been praised by an excavator operator for its ergonomic MIG2 levers, which have enabled him to overcome a serious wrist condition and return to full-time work.

Örjan Nordin, who works for Norwegian machinery and transport services company EAG Entreprenad, suffered with constant severe pain in his wrists. His condition left him dependent on strong painkillers, using special wrist supports and even needing to get a ring cut off due to his swollen fingers. Ultimately, Örjan had to take long-term sick leave from his job.

Eventually, Örjan returned to work but found that his condition rendered him unable to continue his 25-year career in operating excavators. Instead, he had to switch to driving wheel loaders, which doesn’t require as much wrist movement.

After reading about Engcon’s ergonomic MIG2 levers, Örjan believed that their innovative design would allow him to return to his passion.

Örjan comments: “I really missed operating my excavator. So when I asked my boss if we could try Engcon's MIG2 levers, I was really happy that they agreed. After a few months of using the MIG2 levers, I had no pain in my wrists at all. I could hardly believe it!”

By June 2019, Örjan was able to return to operating excavators full time. Since then, he has added wheel control to his MIG2 levers in addition to proportional tiltrotator control. He praises the wrist support on the side of the MIG2 lever in particular, which allow him to grasp the lever less tightly than previously needed to perform outward movements.

An easy choice

When Örjan began operating a new excavator in spring 2019, there was no question about which levers to install in the machine.

Örjan says: “Whilst I waited for my new excavator to arrive, I had to drive one of the company’s old ones in the meantime. I immediately saw problems with my wrists again!

“Once again, Engcon’s MIG2 levers proved to be the best choice. If I didn’t have MIG2 levers on my machine, then I probably wouldn’t be able to operate an excavator any more.”

Ergonomics for a better working life

Johan Brännström, physiotherapist, ergonomist and operations director at Norwegian private health clinic Hälsorum, comments: “Ergonomics and comfort are important to avoid repetitive strain injuries. Occupations that involve monotonous movements all day, such as excavator operators, are naturally at risk of such injuries.

He continues: “As an ergonomist, I think Engcon's focus on improving its excavator operators’ day-to-day working environment is a very good policy.

“Engcon's MIG2 levers pay particular attention to repetitive strain injuries and similar wrist stresses, which are major risk factors in the development of occupational injuries. A good working environment and good tools are essential for continuing in an occupation throughout working life, and reducing the risk of pain and other ill-health.”

MIG2 in brief

MIG2 is Engcon’s ergonomic lever for excavators. In addition to the ergonomic design, it includes a wrist support which makes outward movements easier.

Each lever can be equipped with up to 3 stepless rollers to control a tiltrotator and other functions such as boom slew or VA boom. Forward and reverse controls can also be connected for wheel and track control. Up to 7 on/off buttons can be installed.

The MIG2 is designed primarily for use with Engcon's DC2 proportional control system.


Sten Strömgren, engcon Group | +46 [0]70 529 96 32

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