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05 Nov 2018 12.49
  • Press release

Perfect Control on-site with Engcon and Trimble integration

Engcon, the world-leading manufacturer of tiltrotators, together with Trimble the excavator control system manufacturer, have developed a new feature that automatically keeps the bucket or beam at the correct tilt angle. So the operator only needs to keep the equipment at the correct height and rotation for perfect results. With this feature, customers' efficiency and profitability can only get better.

Engcon and Trimble have for many years worked to integrate so they benefit from each other's products and features. In recent years, customers have been able to use Engcon’s Positioning System (ePS) together with Earthworks, Trimble’s Grade Control technology platform. The driver can see the exact position of the bucket shown on the screen in the excavator cabin.

Now the two companies are taking the next step in collaboration, combining Engcon’s automatic tilt function on its tiltrotators from the size EC209 and larger with the ePS rotation censor and the DC2 control system, in combination with Trimble’s Earthworks excavation system, which includes GS5x0 sensors and software version v1.7.0. or newer, to allow guidance and automated control.

"The collaboration with Engcon has worked very well and the work on the automatic tilt function is a very successful project," says Fredrik Eklind, Product Manager, Machine Control, Civil Engineering and Construction Division at Trimble.

"The market's demands for higher productivity, profitability and automation in construction are increasing and by combining both tiltrotator and excavator systems in an automatic tilt function, we will see not only a response to meeting market requirements but also increased operator comfort" says Fredrik Eklind.

DC2 Integration creates new opportunities

Another powerful customer benefit is that Engcon's DC2 control system will be made available for download directly in Trimbles android display via Trimble’s App Central. This means that users have access to remote support directly through the large Trimble display and the digging system's internet connection. The DC2 operates completely independently of the type of phone the customer has.

"This is a big step towards becoming platform-independent, and Trimble have been very responsive to the development work," says Peter Huczkowsky, responsible for the development of Engcon's control systems, and manager of the Trimble project.

The automatic tilt function is expected to be ready for delivery mid November 2018.

System Requirements for Automatic Tilt Function with Engcon and Trimble Products:

Trimble Digging System:
Earthworks with GS5x0 sensors and software version v1.7.0. or newer. No previous hybrid systems are supported

Engcon tiltrotators:
All tiltrotator models from EC209 and upwards with ePS rotation sensor and the DC2 control system.


Sten Strömgren, engcon Group | +46 [0]70 529 96 32

For questions regarding Trimble:

Fredrik Eklind
Mobile +46 72 08 39 559

For questions regarding Engcon:

Peter Huczkowsky
CIO & Head of Development Control Systems
Mobile +46 70 529 96 07

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