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20 Dec 2017 09.03
  • Press release

Engcon introduces a two year warranty on its tiltrotators

Engcon, the world leading manufacturer of tiltrotators, is introducing a new two year warranty on all new tiltrotators delivered after 1 January 2018.

Since Autumn 2015, Engcon has offered an extra one year’s warranty for customers who register their tiltrotators and follow their service programme. This is something the company see’s as being extremely beneficial for its customers.

“We are convinced that a tiltrotator with a documented service history will retain a higher proportion of its value when it reaches the second hard market, much like a car with a service history book”, says Sten Strömgren, communications manager at the Engcon Group.

Following customer requests, however, Engcon is changing its registration requirement and giving all customers a two year warranty on tiltrotators delivered after 1 January 2018, whether customers register or not. Engcon encourage its end users to register their tiltrotators nonetheless.

“Registering the tiltrotator does not simply mean that the customer gets a documented tiltrotator. The customer also benefits with faster service from our support teams, as we already have all of the information we need about the tiltrotator when they call for support This makes things easier for everyone, and underlines our confidence in the quality of our product” says Sten Strömgren.

Engcon’s service programme remains

Sten Strömgren also notes that the service programme that the company has introduced will remain in place.

“We are of course keeping our service programme intact. End customers who want to have their tiltrotators serviced under our service programme will still have the opportunity to do so, and they will still be able to register their tiltrotators.

Documented service records add value in the second hand market, according to Engcon

Please see Engcon’s website – – for more information about warranties, to register your tiltrotators and add information about service undertaken.


Sten Strömgren, engcon Group | +46 [0]70 529 96 32

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