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25 Nov 2015 10.12
  • News

engcon tiltrotators adapted for excavation systems/machine control

During 2015 it will be possible to fit engcon's tiltrotator models from the EC209 and upwards with ePS – engcon Positioning System – which provides maximum control over tool position.

Optimised for the DC2

ePS is optimised for engcon's smart DC2 control systems where the cabling for the ePS is integrated with the cabling for DC2 but is also "open", which means the ePS also works together with engcon's other control systems and those of other makes.

"Our strategy is always to make our products as "open" as possible and thus provide our customers great freedom of choice in their products," says Roberth Jonsson, Project Manager for Development of ePS.

This is further confirmed when Roberth Jonsson tells us that ePS is available for order with engcon's EC209, EC214, EC219, EC226 & EC30 tiltrotator models. It is also possible to retrofit these models, although older EC30s must be modified somewhat.


The technology is based on signals from the ePS to the excavation system used by the customer on his machine. The aim is to enable communication with ePS from as many excavation systems makes as possible. For further information about the excavation systems that are able to communicate with ePS, contact your excavation system supplier.


Together with the selected excavation system, ePS reduces the need for a so-called conventional set-up, and the driver can see the exact excavation area via the machine control system display in the cabin. This control of the precise quantity of excavation material dug out provides many benefits.

  • Time & money
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced machine and tool wear
  • Saves time for other units such as trucks/dumpers that drive away the excavation material.
  • Less restoration work with reduced backfill volumes.
  • Suitable for the DC2 control system where ePS is integrated in the same cabling
  • Fully independent of control system make or model via own cabling (if not DC2)
  • Available for order/retrofitting to all EC from EC209 and up*

    *Some modification to EC30 required.

    ePS will be launched during 2015.

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