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20 Nov 2015 10.12
  • News

engcon launches grading beams for excavators

Using a tiltrotator to grade surfaces provides superior efficiency as the tilt and rotation functions mean the excavator has no need to be on the same level as the graded surface. It is also able to reach areas that were previously only possible to access by repositioning the excavator.

Now engcon is launching a grading beam (GRB) – a completely new addition to the product range which further streamlines grading work.

“We noted an increasing interest in this type of product for some time and we felt that now was the right time to make a move", says Pontus Jonasson, Designer at engcon Group.

Pontus Jonasson tells us that engcon’s grading beam will be produced in four sizes – 1500, 2000, 2500 & 3000 mm – and is designed for use together with a tiltrotator to provide perfect levelling results efficiently.

“Today, levelling without a tiltrotator is practically unthinkable and when used together our new grading beam, levelling is further streamlined since a bigger area is covered and the need for machine repositioning is also reduced", says Pontus Jonasson.

The engcon grading beam is a strong steel structure comprising steel beams which first level the actual grading surface, while the rear section houses an adjustable, journalled roller that compacts the levelled surface. Because the underside of the grading beam is reinforced with wear bars and the grading beam proper is fitted with cutters, service life is extended significantly compared to more rudimentary designs.

Another great advantage of engcon's new grading beam is the fact that the gate/attachment is fastened using the same bolt pattern as many other tools from engcon, and the ability this gives to quickly switch from one gate to another provides great freedom of choice. There will also be 500 mm extension kits for the side beams. This will simplify stock holding for our dealers as there is no need for multiple versions – changing attachments and/or extending side beams as required is all it takes.

engcon's grading beam will be unveiled at the UK trade fair Plantworx and series delivery is expected to begin in the autumn of 2015.

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