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27 May 2011 11.58
  • News

Lots of innovations from engcon!

The engcon Group – consisting of engcon, Mählers and Drivex – keeps up its fantastic tempo in development.

We have a raft of innovations, either launched or in the pipeline. Most of them will be on display at this year’s MaskinExpo on 24–26 May. If you would like to know more about any particular product, please visit the appropriate company’s website or contact any of our sales staff at engcon Sweden AB.

New 2-series tiltrotators

engcon’s new generation 2-series tiltrotators are now being rolled out. First into production is the EC226, which will gradually replace the faithful EC20B. This will be followed by the EC219. The 2-series tiltrotators are robust, service-friendly and have been given an increased tilt angle. The hydraulic motor is fitted on the left, where it is well protected but visible to the driver. It is totally prepared for central lubrication and adapted for high-flow swivels.

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New grab for railways

The GR20RR (Grab 20 Rail Road) is a powerful and detachable grab adapter. It has been specially developed for the tough environment of railway work, such as hauling and lifting heavy rails using an excavator.

The safest control system on the market

DC2 complies with the new ISO 13849-1 safety standard, which sets out stringent requirements for all the components in a control system – hydraulics, electronics and software. Used in conjunction with engcon’s tiltrotators, the DC2 creates a safer and more secure work environment. The DC2 is ideal for track and wheel control, and for boom swing.

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High-flow swivel for demanding attachments

Excavators are being equipped with more and more flow-demanding attachments, and this is making unprecedented demands on the tiltrotators. engcon has solved the problem with its new high-flow swivel, which can handle 120 litres/minute without any noticeable loss of power or overheating.

Flexiway – ground-breaking approach

Mählers’ Flexiway is, as the name implies, a flexible diagonal plough which can handle just about anything it meets. Not only that – its ground-breaking design has revolutionised ploughing and set new standards of efficiency. It is optimised for asphalt roads. In addition, the plough can be moved sideways and runs smoothly on modern roads with traffic calming. The Flexiway is lighter than ordinary diagonal ploughs, and operates straight on the cutter. With its hydraulically set plough pressure, the plough can be adjusted to suit the surface, e.g. dry asphalt or hard ice.

Upgraded side plough for trucks

Mählers’ long-standing best-sellers, the 45 side plough and HDU, have been upgraded with the launch of the new B-series. The new design enables the plough to throw snow better and ”lift” the snow over walls and bridge parapets. Both side ploughs have also been fitted with adjustable cutters to increase flexibility.

New grader blade for trucks

The new grader blades, the HB3-N (fixed) and HB5-N (rotatable) from Mählers replace the highly-successful MS3 and MS5, which were introduced in 2000. One of the improvements in the new design is the lower build-in height. The grader blade is mounted on the frame without welding, and has higher ground clearance in the transportation position. The stronger steel in the blade gives improved resistance to knocks, blows and twist.

MC2 – the control system for both grader blades and ploughs

The new control system can be combined for both grader blade and plough operations. Most of its functions are largely controlled by joystick. The system is expandable and can control existing equipment, in which case all equipment is controlled through the new control unit.

Upgraded snowblower

The new upgraded LSV 275 is unrivalled for clearing large quantities of snow rapidly. The robust design is based on the popular and reliable Arbrå/Mählers snowblower. The new and more powerful engine can deal with hard-packed snow and ice – and it meets the latest environmental standard.

Grading buckets now in HD versions

The Drivex PS250 and PS270 grading buckets are now available in Heavy Duty versions with reinforced end panels and stronger cutting tools. The buckets have a long base, so that the driver can see the cutting tool during levelling and finishing operations. They have a sharp rear edge for optimal levelling results. An extension element can be added to increase the bucket’s volume, for example when loading snow, wood chips, refuse etc.

Effective tarmac cutters

Drivex’ sharp tarmac cutter cuts tarmac rapidly and effectively. Instant fitting to a bucket or forklift.


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