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06 Apr 2011 16.02
  • News

World leading company looks towards the USA

engcon, the world’s leading supplier of tiltrotators for excavators, has made its US trade fair debut at the Conexpo trade fair in Las Vegas. Over five days, the company presented its products and offerings together with two of its suppliers, Dig Pro and X-attach.

engcon’s products received strong interest at Conexpo. The response was extremely positive, and the company’s owners, Stig and Monica Engström, were highly satisfied.

“This was one of the best fairs I’ve exhibited at,” comments Stig Engström, who was positively surprised by the Americans’ enthusiasm over the tiltrotator.

“The tiltrotator concept is normally received with a certain scepticism in new markets, since it radically changes the way excavation is done,” adds Monica Engström, who has participated in numerous international fairs worldwide.

The Engströms recall the keen interest with which the Americans watched the live demonstration performed by their son Martin and engcon’s communications manager Sten Strömgren, who used an excavator to perform tasks highlighting the tiltrotator’s benefits.

Engcon’s stand was visited by thousands of curious contractors and excavator operators. Many of them entered engcon’s lottery for a free six-month trial of a tiltrotator.

Now engcon is working intensively on preparing bids and following up concrete enquiries received during the week of the expo.

You can view pictures and a film on engcon’s Facebook page and on YouTube.

Mark Olson, ein New Yorker mit schwedischen Vorfahren, war davon beeindruckt, was alles mit einem Tiltrotator gemacht werden kann und hat außerdem an der Verlosung der sechsmonatigen Probenutzung eines Tiltrotators teilgenommen.

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