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GRB 2500

For excavators weighing 6—30 tons

With engcon’s grading beam, you can grade large areas quickly and efficiently.

The grading beam is a smart, flexible solution as it has a bolt-on bracket/coupler with the same bolt pattern as other tools (e.g. rock and sorting grabs, compactors and sweeper rollers) from engcon. The side beams can be extended with bolt-on 19.69 inches extensions. This means that our dealers do not need to carry several different grading beams versions since a single model covers various configurations. End-users and contractors can also get by with a single beam for several machines if they do not need to use more than one at a time.

What’s more, engcon’s grading beam has cutters on the leading edge and wear bars under the entire structure. This means a long service life, making the grading beam even more profitable. The journaled compactor roller can be raised and lowered to achieve the best setting for your particular needs. engcon’s grading beam comes in five different widths to cover almost any need for efficient grading.


  • Robust design
  • More efficient surface grading means greater profitability
  • Bolt-on mounting/bracket
  • Cutters at the leading edge
  • Wear bars under the entire structure
  • Extendable side beams
  • Journaled compactor roller
  • Compactor roller can be raised and lowered
  • Bolt-on bracket/attachment point makes switching brackets easy
  • Bolt-on bracket/attachment point means dealers need keep fewer grading beams of the same size in stock


NOTE: while engcon’s grading beam is even more efficient in combination with a tiltrotator, it is then important to consider the loads that the tiltrotator will be subjected to. Use the grading beam for its intended purpose – grading. Large quantities of material can be moved quickly and efficiently with engcon’s bucket range.

The illustration shows a typical configuration. Technical data may vary.
We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

System engcon

Vad är viktigast för dig?


Vi gör allt som krävs för att skapa en helhet där våra kunder får ut maximalt av sina maskiner. Våra återförsäljare och serviceställen finns över hela världen.


engcons helhetskoncept ger dig en effektivare grävmaskin. Vi levererar säkra produkter som gör din grävmaskin till en lönsam och flexibel del av verksamheten.


Tiltrotatorns möjlighet att tilta och rotera gör maskinen till en mångsysslare som utför fler arbetsuppgifter med större precision.


Med färre maskinrörelser och snabbare utfört jobb minskar slitaget på maskinen.


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