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When there’s no room to maneuver, The Tiltrotator shines!

“There’s only a few feet that separate the property line from the house. I’ve got only enough room to get my machine’s tracks down a narrow path to complete my grading and backfilling. Did I bring my CAT 314? You bet I did.”

Erik Hughes is a heavy equipment operator for Holdgate Partners in Nantucket MA. He regularly deals with tight jobs, but his recent project is really pushing the limits of having enough space to operate. Driving his machine into the backyard, he needs to grade flat the area behind the rear porch and this has left him with no space on either side to change his digging angle. Most companies would need a skid steer or a much smaller machine, but Erik crawls in with total confidence in his CAT 314.
“As you can see I can’t move at all. There’s no space to navigate for making clean and direct cuts. Without the tiltrotator I’d need to send people in with shovels and that takes time and is especially costly on this island.” Erik uses his engcon equipment in place of his shovel workers and skid steers. He can send skids to other jobs because they aren’t needed on the same site. He doesn’t need smaller excavators in his fleet either, the flexibility of the tiltrotator means he only needs one machine to get the job done. When I visited him to speak about his experience with engcon, I noticed myself there was not one worker shoveling unless they were manually adjusting the backfill.

EC-Oil makes for fast tool changes, when time is everything.
“I used to have to get out of my cab every time I changed tools, I’d fumble around with hoses and spend a bit of time linking everything together. Now with EC-Oil if I need to drop the tiltrotator or pick up my grapple, I can complete the change in the amount of time it would take for me to walk out to the arm.”
Being a CAT 314, Erik Hughes’ excavator comes equipped with the EC-Oil Automatic quick coupler system. The utility of not having to get out to change tools doesn’t stop with just convenience, there are real time saving gains in more ways than one. “I don’t need to clean my cab anywhere near as often as I used to. I don’t track much mud in anymore, because usually if I’m changing to a grapple its to pick something up that’s in my way on a messy site.” Erik also mentioned how dropping the tiltrotator to use his digging bucket is so easy that although the engcon can handle quite a bit of breakout force, he can take it off for extra tough and rocky environments. This kind of practice will push his engcon’s life expectancy far past 10 years.

"Now with EC-Oil if I need to drop the tiltrotator or pick up my grapple, I can complete the change in the amount of time it would take for me to walk out to the arm."

Erik Hughes, Holdgate Partners

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