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Never Another Excavator Without an engcon

The American flag flutters proudly at the entrance to the National Guard training center in Strafford, New Hampshire. This is where Morello Construction recently built their new garage. We love visiting our customers to hear their feedback and to see interesting applications for the tiltrotators in action.

Mike and Nate Morello greet us warmly with broad smiles. Although their long workday is over, they show no signs of being in a hurry to leave. “We’re never in a hurry when we have the chance to talk tiltrotators for a while,” said Mike, who founded the firm purely as a construction company. He shares that the 2007 market crash and its subsequent construction slowdown forced him to rethink his business. It was then that he bought an excavator to take on ground work to complement the construction business.

Despite challenging economic conditions, things went relatively well for Mike. When his son Nate joined the firm, they added several machines. “These days, we have a good mix of machines, including this Cat 305, a Volvo ECR235, a skidsteer, and a truck and trailer that we use to haul our equipment,” said Nate. He knew at a young age exactly what he wanted to do as a career, so he began working in his dad’s company immediately after graduating high school.

Nate tells us they bought their engcon tiltrotator six months ago and that no way would he like to go back to the way things were before. “The machine is so much more flexible and efficient with the tiltrotator, so going back to not having one is just out of the question,” says Nate. They also have an engcon grabber and shared that it has completely replaced the thumb. “With the tiltrotator, I can stay put and still reach rocks and other stuff I need to grab,” said Nate. He added that they’re considering replacing the 305 with an eight- to nineton excavator that also will be equipped with an engcon tiltrotator.

“We already have a prospective buyer for the Cat 305. The tiltrotator and how efficient it makes the machine were strong selling points for him,” Nate tells us, before he climbs into the excavator to move some gravel blocking the entrance behind the garage.

Thanks to the tiltrotator, Nate can put the material precisely where he needs to without anyone having to shovel it into place. It’s a perfect example of how the engon tiltrotator saves time and makes an excavator so flexible.

“You should’ve been here when I backfilled inside the garage,” said Nate. “If it weren’t for the tiltrotator, I would’ve needed a couple of guys with shovels to get the material in the right place. There’s no doubt about it; the tiltrotator makes the machine more efficient and we save tons of money not having to hire a bunch of people to shovel,” he added. Seeing the enthusiastic the father-son team in action was a great way to end our customer site visit.

"The machine is so much more flexible and efficient withthe tiltrotator, so going back to not having one is just out ofthe question.”

Nate Morello, Morello Construction

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