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Matt Keeps Open Spaces Wide Open

Contractor Matt McCarty helps to preserve and maintain land designated by the State of Connecticut as open spaces. To best do the job, he equipped his Kubota U45 with extra-wide tracks, tree shears, a flail mower, and an engcon tiltrotator and sorting grab.

“This is an unbeatable combination. It helps me stay flexible and allows me to get out into wetlands where I can’t usually go with an excavator,” said Matt, who is based in New Hartford, Connecticut, where he also raises cattle. Although Matt’s Kubota is a Low Ground Pressure (LGP) with extra wide tracks, there can still be problems with having to constantly move the machine to get at a job. Matt solved this by equipping his Kubota with an engcon tiltrotator. “I extended my reach big-time with the tiltrotator; it helps me gain better access so I don’t have to move the machine as much as I did without it,” said Matt. On the day of our visit, Matt and his son Devon were busy clearing brush around a small pond. Watching him maneuver his machine in the swampy, brushy terrain was impressive. The Kubota heels and water wells up beneath the machine with every maneuver, but because Matt only needs to make a single, straight access track, the wet moss can bear the weight of the excavator. Matt’s son Devon moonlights for his dad sometimes, but he usually drives an excavator or truck for the nearby town of Burlington, Connecticut. “Unfortunately, they don’t have a tiltrotator on their excavator, but I really wish they did. It would make everyday life so much easier for me,” said Devon, who’s gotten used to using one during the few hours he drives his dad’s excavator. “I just cannot imagine reverting to working without a tiltrotator; it would be such a giant step backward,” said Matt. “I save on manual labor and I’ve gotten used to doing things with the excavator that just can’t be done without a tiltrotator. Besides, using a tiltrotator is so cool; it’s awesome,” he added with a broad smile before inching the machine forward to switch from tree shears to an engcon sorting grab. Once the grab is connected, Devon proceeds to pick up all the brush his dad cut down around the edge of the pond. With practiced maneuvers, Devon grips the bundles of brush with the engcon grab, and another area is cleaned up and tidy in no time. With people like Matt and Devon, supported by equipment like engcon’s tiltrotator, Connecticut’s open spaces are sure to stay beautiful.

"I extended my reach big-time with the tiltrotator; it helps me gain better access so I don’t have to move the machine as much as I did before I got my engcon.”

Matt McCarty

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