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Tiltrotator delivers speed and precision for cenex

New South Wales, Australia: With residential and industrial construction continuing to be buoyant, earthworks businesses have become very competitive, with developers wanting suppliers that can demonstrate completion of quality work within budget and on time.

Building companies often make hiring decisions based on a contractor’s reputation for quality, safety and on-time delivery of work. Project managers have an excellent knowledge of equipment and take an interest in a contractor’s fleet. This gives them an assurance of performance in delivering work for large tract residential and commercial developments.
Some residential developments are very large, often creating whole new suburbs which require full preparation of public space landscaping, roads, gutters, drainage, telecommunications and data services.
Coastal Earthmoving and Excavation (Cenex) is typical of companies who contract to major building and development companies.

Working around obstacles
“The rapid pace of large tract developments has meant gearing up with the right equipment to handle these tasks. Our most useful piece of equipment for these applications is our 3.5 tonne Airman hydraulic excavator that features long reach and is connected to our engcon EC204 tiltrotator. This ideal combination gives us the ability to work with minimal movement of the machine”, said Damien Cooke of Cenex.
“In many instances, we work with landscapers in laying turf, planting trees or installation of retaining walls. When we are laying turf, planting trees, building retaining walls and other design features, precision placement of materials is important, as it avoids damage to concrete curbing, drainage infrastructure, driveways and other site installations.
“By minimising machine movements, we are able to perform a variety of delicate tasks requiring placement of materials and fittings with precision, avoiding the need for the tracks of the excavator to traverse curbs, roads or otherwise presenting a potential damage risk to light poles and fittings.

“We also need to be careful of other contractors and machinery operating on the sites, therefore, minimum movement adds to safety and efficiency. Our task is the placement of topsoil and finishing off around infrastructure, a task which requires considerable accuracy and dexterity.

Sideways bucket movement
“The tiltrotator is particularly useful where we are constructing three in one gradient batters. In another instance, we have recently completed construction of a retaining wall that presented several safety issues. We were able to set the machine in one spot and using our engcon tiltrotator, could reach all the required work positions.
“The ability to drag the bucket sideways was absolutely essential for getting the job done properly. We could move the bucket sideways and towards the operator. Without the tiltrotator this would have taken a lot of manoeuvring of the machine and wasted time. With a conventional style bucket and hitch this job would have been a real struggle.”

Minimal machine travel
According to Damien, the key benefit of the engcon tiltrotator is allowing minimal movement of the host machine, delivering a significant saving in time, plus the ability to perform tasks with greater precision. He said the tiltrotator provides a degree of nimbleness and dexterity not found when using conventional buckets and hitches.
“The integrated grapple on the EC204 is a very handy feature of the bucket. Surprisingly, we are using this to advantage; more than I would have anticipated. The EC 204 has proven a great addition to our fleet and is appreciated every day.
“The only time the tiltrotator is off the excavator is when we need to fit a hammer, or when the ground is very hard and need other attachments that may be needed to break the surface. In an average day, having the EC 204 on the excavator is saving around 10 to 15 percent of our time.

Productivity and comfort
“Apart from the measurable time saving, the tiltrotator makes the job much more comfortable and easier on the operator, where you can concentrate on the task at hand and don’t have to switch tasks to move the machine from one place to another.
“In terms of reliability we haven’t had any issues with the tiltrotator whatsoever. And with this model you can attach it to the engcon app to change all control sensitivities, which is a great benefit. We are using an android Bluetooth engcon app running on one of my tablets in the cabin and this lets me easily change all the sensitivities, speeds and all the settings for the tiltrotator.”
“Our clients are paying us to do the most with our equipment and they recognise our progressive attitude in adopting the latest and most efficient equipment and attachments to ensure they get the best value for money.’ Damien concluded.

"The tiltrotator is particularly useful where we are constructing three in one gradient batters."

Damien Cooke

Equipment on this machine

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