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More efficient and safer excavation with Engcon and Novatron’s excavator guidance system together with Q-Safe quick hitch

Jukka Tallila carries out various types of land development contracts and has equipped his new machine to cope with future challenges. His new Kobelco KH 140 has a Novatron 3D excavator guidance system, an Engcon tiltrotator with ePS (Engcon Positioning System) and, to ensure maximum safety, Jukka has opted for a twin hitch arrangement with Q-Safe quick hitches both on the excavator and below the tiltrotator.

“Without a tiltrotator you are unlikely to win any work,” says Jukka. The extra safety features of Engcon’s Q-Safe hitch are important:

“Demands for this quick hitch are the next step, as there have been many accidents, including in Finland, owing to carelessly fitted buckets,” continues Jukka.

Information essential

Jukka’s machine is fitted with Novatron’s 3D system and, when combined with Engcon ePS, both the bucket’s angle and rotation are shown on the large display located in the cab. “When carrying out railway work or and in other demanding workplaces, information about the bucket’s rotation is essential. If you are working without ePS, you have to keep the bucket fixed otherwise the machine control would misreport its position,” says Jukka.

“Engcon ePS makes it possible for the excavator guidance system to utilise the tiltrotator’s full function, including both tilt and rotation.” Jukka has worked as a plant contractor for five years and has long experience of machinery and machine control systems. As a result, he also carries out various types of servicing work on other people’s machines and equipment when he has time.

“I have my own workshop where, in addition to working on my own machine, I can also service the machines and equipment of others. I also have plenty of spare parts in stock,” says Jukka Tallila.

Fast tool changes

Jukka Tallila says that, with the excavator guidance system, his new machine can cope with all the new demands from sites that are measured and designed in 3D, which these systems have been developed. We visited Jukka while he was working on foundations in a snow-covered area, where the grading of the uppermost surface layer to the correct height still remained to be done. Thanks to the excavator guidance system, the work is proceeding quickly and smoothly. Using Engcon Q-Safe, Jukka changes the bucket quickly and safely from the cab. The audible and visible warning signals when the bucket is unlocked are just as effective as the warning issued when a truck is reversing.

“There are also occasions when you need to save weight at the far end of the stick, such as during lifting, or when the tiltrotator has to be released in order to change it for a hydraulic hammer. At such times, Q-Safe provides the highest possible level of safety during the changeover,” considers Jukka. Jukka has increased his capacity at the workplace by equipping his excavator with Engcon ePS and a 3D excavator guidance system, which together allow full utilisation of the excavator’s and the tiltrotator’s capacity.

“With the aid of Engcon ePS, I will not be refused entry to the workplace because of the machine’s limitations. The presence of ePS eliminates the last question mark about how the excavator is adapted to the demands for 3D,” says a satisfied Jukka Tallila

“The Q-Safe quick hitch also offers extra benefits in some negotiations and tenders. At present it is not a requirement to have quick hitches fitted in Finland, but those who have a quick hitch on their excavator are one step ahead of the rest,” concludes Jukka Tallila.

“Engcon ePS makes it possible for the excavator guidance system to utilise the tiltrotator’s full function, including both tilt and rotation.”

Jukka Tallila

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