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The new 2-series tiltrotators

engcon is the world's leading manufacturer of tiltrotators, and the new 2-series generation is setting a new standard.

The new tiltrotators span the entire range of excavators from 2 tonnes to 33 tonnes and have a number of advantages which further increase profitability and excavator flexibility.

The 2-series tiltrotators have everything that made their predecessors so popular – but they're even better. On the EC209–EC233 models, the hydraulic motor is well protected on the left-hand side and is visible to the driver. The strengthened frame has radically improved performance. The EC219, for example, has 37 per cent greater breakout force and 27 per cent higher torque than the equivalent tiltrotator in the B-series.

All tiltrotators come with central lubrication and are designed to be as easy as possible to service. The tilt function has increased to 45 degrees, so enhancing flexibility.

An increasing number of tools also require increased hydraulic flows at extra attachment points. The larger tiltrotators – EC214, EC219, EC226 and EC233 – are therefore equipped as standard with a new swivel that allows higher flows. With an NG10 valve, it delivers flows of up to 120 litres per minute, making it possible to operate tools requiring high flow rates on extra attachment points. In addition, the new swivel is adapted for an electric "channel", as the tiltrotators will in the long term be fitted as standard with engcon's new Q-Safe quick hitch lock – which has won awards for its innovation and outstanding safety.


  1. EC02, EC204 & EC206, regardless of control system are fitted with load bearing valves on the tilt cylinder. This is because they only have one tilt cylinder and in the event  of, for example, a hose breach no other cylinder remains to function as a “brake”.

  2. Other models: EC209, EC214, EC219, EC226, EC233 are standard-fitted with load-bearing valves (2 per cylinder) on models with the SS9 (4-hose) system and other models are prepared for fitting load-bearing valves.

  3. All tiltrotators are fitted with tight hose protection that prevents oil from spraying out, for example in the event of a hose breach.

  4. Q-Safe™ functions independently of the tiltrotator's control system and is prepared for EC-Oil, which allows automatic connection of hydraulics and electrics, as well as central lubrication of hydraulic attachments.
  1. Q-Safe™ safety locking is dimensioned to withstand full excavation effect in all directions.

  2. The locking cylinder is designed and dimensioned to withstand the maximum power that can arise to open the hitch by external excavation forces for the size of machine concerned.

  3. The locking surface angle in relation to the excavation forces is 90° or more during the entire movement, which means the hitch is constantly attempting to close itself due to the excavation forces.

  4. Q-Safe™ meets the following current safety standards: EN474, SS‑EN ISO 12100-1 and SS-EN ISO 12100-2, as well as the upcoming standard ISO 13031.

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