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“I get the job done three times faster”

A demonstration in Le Havre helped Thierry Merre – equipment officer at Viafrance Normandie – to make up his mind.

He fitted a machine with an engcon tiltrotator, and the move was successful.

“I can’t imagine working without a tiltrotator. I do the job about 20 percent faster nowadays on average,” says Daniel Doré, a machine operator with 20 years of experience.

Viafrance Normandie, employing around 250 staff, is part of Eurovia, a world leader in the field of road and railway contracts and urban development. The company’s many prestigious contracts include the refurbishment of Place Charles de Gaulle in Paris and Place Stanislas in Nancy.

But these outstanding prestigious contracts are won thanks to a very effective base organisation and contracts executed well which do not always create headlines to quite the same extent. Such as the building of the road in central Déville les Rouens, where Daniel Doré is working for the day. Here, like in so many other places, work is being complicated by existing pipes for water, gas and electricity.

“The tiltrotator is invaluable under these kinds of conditions, and I can do the job up to three times faster than without a tiltrotator. And not forgetting the tiltrotator’s built-in grab. I use it every day and wouldn’t be able to manage without it,” says Daniel Doré.

Many benefits

Thierry Merre clearly remembers the first time he saw an engcon tiltrotator at a demonstration in Le Havre in 2011. The tiltrotator was fitted to a Cat excavator, and he quickly realised many advantages of a machine that could do more in a shorter time while saving fuel at the same time thanks to fewer machine transits.

In May 2011, the first tiltrotator was installed on one of the company’s excavators, a Komatsu PW148-8. A further three excavators have been fitted with engcon tiltrotators since then.

For Thierry Merre, who started working at Viafrance as an engineer 23 years ago, all his hopes and expectations in respect of the tiltrotator have been surpassed. The excavators are not just more efficient, more flexible and more profitable. He’s discovered more advantages over time that didn’t even cross his mind initially.

“Having a tiltrotator and a quick coupler means we don’t have to invest in tiltable buckets. We also save money because we don’t need as many people doing manual labour on the work site. The built-in grab makes work easier, but it also makes the work site safer,” he says.

“And last but not least, I really like the pallet fork,” he adds. “The excavator does the job better than a forklift truck – and we avoid having to invest in yet another machine.”

“I can’t imagine working without a tiltrotator. I do the job about 20 percent faster nowadays on average.”

Daniel Doré, Viafrance Normandie

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