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Billinge making a clean sweep

The demands on Jacob Juel Jensen are tough.

Not to excavate an unnecessary amount of material, not to scrape up the material with the bucket and wear out the asphalt.

“With engcon’s Tiltrotator and front sweeper it’s as easy as anything”, he says.

In the small town of Fjeldsted on Fyn in Denmark a project is ongoing to separate slop water from rainwater. The excavation work is being carried out by Jacob Juel Jensen who works for Bellinge Entreprenøren.

Jacob and his Hydrema 926D have been hired by TC Anlæg, and there are a number of special demands for the job.

“We have to be careful not to excavate an unnecessary amount of material as the piping runs along private land and the council don’t allow us to scrape up the excavated earth from the road surface so as to not cause unnecessary wear to the surface”, explains Jacob.

In order to solve the job as well as possible Jacob chose to acquire a front sweeper from engcon with which he can sweep the asphalt completely clean from the dirt without causing the slightest amount of damage.

“I’m very pleased with how versatile the front sweeper is to operate. It’s extremely easy to use and once we’re here it goes very quickly. It saves bringing in an extra machine which we would have had to have just for sweeping”.

“Thanks to the Tiltrotator I’ll also be able to excavate in every location without digging up material unnecessarily. The combination of the front sweeper and other tools makes the machine complete”, continues Jacob.

Many tools

With ’other tools’ Jacob means for example a number of different buckets, pallet forks, grab and asphalt cutter. In other words an impressive arsenal to cover the most varied jobs and necessary to keep the machine maximally flexible and profitable.

Jacob has chosen to have a hydraulic quick hitch on the machine to easily and as necessary unhitch the Tiltrotator.

“The combination makes the machine even more flexible. If I for example have to excavate a very narrow cable shaft, I don’t need to rotate so I can unhitch the Tiltrotator”, explains Jacob.

He started operating excavators already when he was 16 years old. And even though he’s only just over 30 years old now, he’s been self-employed for nine years. In other words half of Jacob’s life has been spent around machines, and he enjoys it. It’s obvious as he connects the pallet forks to move a couple of heavy concrete barriers, and after that the front sweeper gets reconnected. Before we left the workplace Jacob had swept the street clean and left behind him a clinically clean road surface ready for traffic again.

“I’m very pleased with how versatile the front sweeper is to operate. It’s extremely easy to use and once we’re here it goes very quickly.”

Jacob Juel Jensen, Bellinge Entreprenøren

Equipment on this machine

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