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Safe locking and safe quick hitches are the Swedish standards on Atlas wheeled excavators

"A standardised method for handling the quick hitch lock function is a really good safety solution for the prevention of accidents involving dropped tools. We decided to introduce the QSC lock system and the Q-Safe quick hitch as standard on our machines because we want to offer the very best and safest solutions.”

So say sales manager Niklas Loven and his colleague, salesman and product specialist Niklas Nilsson at Sundahls Maskinaffär. Sundahls is the general distributor for Atlas wheeled excavators. The machines are sold and fitted out in the company's facilities in Växjö and Karlskrona.
Because the QSC's control and safety systems provide maximum safety functions and are also standardised to work on all excavators and all quick hitches, it's an easy decision for a company like Sundahls to introduce them as their own standards.

"Atlas is a renowned, tried-and-tested wheeled excavator that is clawing back market share and climbing in sales statistics. Right now, we're selling around 60 machines per year," they tell us.
One of the success factors is Sundahls' policy of standardising machine equipment for the Swedish market. Two Atlas models are sold in Sweden, the Atlas 140 at 14.7 tonnes and the Atlas 160, which weighs 16.7 tonnes. Both boast the term 'Swedish Edition' in the model designation to denote standard equipment that complies with Swedish construction plant contractor preferences. For example, they now have MIG2 joysticks from Engcon installed in the factory in Germany..

Thanks to their positive experience of Engcon operations and reliability, Sundahls has also chosen Engcon tiltrotators as standard equipment on machines modified for Sweden.
“We know Engcon's stuff works smoothly and efficiently and that Engcon offers quick support," says Niklas Loven. It was also recently decided that QSC and Q-safe would be the Atlas standard in Sweden.
"Everyone shares our view about working to achieve vision zero for accidents. This solution creates better conditions for making the vision reality to the greatest extent," say Niklas Loven and Niklas Nilsson.
"Some machine operators worry that using this kind of safety system will be difficult. But we have two good arguments to counter that. Firstly, QSC is quick and simple to use, and secondly, there isn't a single operator out there who wants to know how it feels to injure another person with his or her machine. All it needs is a little thought," they add.

Sundahls Maskinaffär...
… is one of Sweden's biggest private construction equipment trading companies with annual sales just north of SEK 400 million per year. The company sells construction plant and equipment for the forestry, agriculture and landscaping industries.
Sundahls is based in Växjö, has a branch in Karlskrona and a subsidiary, Höglandets Maskin AB, in Vetlanda. All three facilities have construction plant sales, equipment installation, spare parts sales and service workshops.
They also have dealers in Staffanstorp, Kungälv, Karlstad and Uppsala. In addition to Atlas, Sundahls sells plant from JCB, Schaeff and Rottne.

“We know Engcon's stuff works smoothly and efficiently and that Engcon offers quick support."

Niklas Nilsson, Sundahls Maskinaffär

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