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For Bernard, engcon is the future

Bernard Pronos bought an engcon tiltrotator six years ago – and his calculations show that his investment paid for itself after just one year.

“Anybody who doesn’t have an engcon tiltrotator on their excavator hasn’t understood the huge advantages these devices offer,” he says with conviction.

Bernard Pronos, who works for Pronos TP, waxes lyrical about the tiltrotator that was purchased six years ago. Regardless of whether the machine shapes banks or shafts, or digs ditches, the tiltrotator saves both time and money.

When engcon visits Bernard, he’s working on a site for subdivision of building plots. A competing company is also working on the same site, but their excavator doesn’t have a tiltrotator.

“That’s when we really appreciate our tiltrotator,” says Bernard,

“They can’t do everything the customer demands,” he continues. “We specialise in finishing and banks. A bank we’re working on at the moment will take us an hour to do with our machine, compared with four hours if we’d used a traditional machine.”

Bernard reckons that once you’ve started using a tiltrotator, it’s impossible to imagine your excavator without it. It’d be like going back in time.

“Absolutely not, it’s inconceivable! Machine operators no longer want traditional machines. And it’s simple really – machines have to be adapted to suit people, not the other way round.”

Planning to buy more

Instead, Bernard Pronos is choosing to welcome the future and greet it with open arms.

“I’ll be buying another engcon tiltrotator because this is a tool that’ll be indispensable in future. Anybody who doesn’t have an engcon hasn’t understood what advantages these devices offer!”

The explanation is simple. With a tiltrotator on your excavator, you make the machine as profitable as possible – and simplify tasks which would otherwise be difficult or even impossible. Doing specialist work that others can’t do has also become something of a speciality for Pronos TP.

“We can construct dams and shape banks and ditches in parallel thanks to our tiltrotator.  It saves time. Instead of moving the machine twice or three times, we don’t move it at all. The driver does everything with his bucket regardless of whether he’s level.  He works in all positions.” 

“It’s the same thing with laying stone foundations, a job we do regularly. The bucket is positioned precisely where it should be and the operator lays the stones one at a time, with no problems.”

“Machine operators no longer want traditional machines”

Bernard Pronos, Pronos TP

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