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Once with engcon, no looking back

The traffic cop waves us into the busy construction site in downtown Boston. Massachusetts-based Fleming Brothers Construction, Inc. is building a sports complex that includes football and baseball fields. As we arrive, owner and machine operator Liam Fleming greets us after hopping out of his Caterpillar D6. A dump truck drives by with load of gravel and it’s clear that Liam is in his element as a jack-of-all trades on the jobsite.

“We have so much work to do these days,” he said. “The problem is finding competent employees who really want to work hard, so often it’s better if I jump between different machines instead of dealing with someone who doesn’t master the technology,” he added. In addition to the bulldozer, Liam operates a Yanmar Vio 100 which recently was equipped with an engcon tiltrotator, bucket, and other power tools. Liam tells us it’s a part of reducing the need for personnel.

“I always think about how we can be more efficient, and I always want the top of the line equipment that makes my work easier,” explained Liam.

I saved a week’s worth of work

A few years ago, Fleming Brothers began to equip their machines with machine control systems. When Liam saw engcon's tiltrotator and the fact that it integrates with his current GPS system, he immediately realized that it was a perfect addition to add even more efficiency while reducing the need for staff. Liam reports that he did some research on options, and when he realized that engcon’s North America headquarters—which includes full service and parts for the equipment—is in Connecticut, it made going with engcon a no-brainer.

“I have to admit that at first when I switched over, I was questioning myself on whether I’d done the right thing to invest in this technology,” said Liam. “But almost immediately when I started using it, I realized it absolutely was the right thing to do. My first job was to build a skate park, and thanks to the tiltrotor, I saved a week's worth of work,” he added. He said that after that, he was sold. Liam shares how surprised he was about the ease of not having to reposition the machine all the time, about the benefits of not having to ensure the machine was level, and how fun it was to create all the different slopes on the skating rinks with the engcon tiltrotator. “It was so cool to be able to create 45-degree slopes in several directions without having to constantly move the machine. Part of the work I wouldn’t even have been able to do with a standard a tilt bucket.”

I don’t miss my thumb

Another thing that Liam was a little worried about was having to do away with the thumb. After driving his Yanmar for a while, Liam said that the integrated grip on the tiltrotator is much more useful than the thumb.

“The integrated grab has the advantage of being able to rotate and take what I'm grabbing, so I'm much more maneuverable," Liam said. He also mentions another feature that he enjoys, the Q-Safe quick-coupler with EC-Oil auto oil coupling. “In cases where I need to take off the tiltrotator, like using a hammer, it's great that I don’t have to leave the cab to switch out the attachments. EC-Oil automatically connects the hydraulics and power in less than a minute; it makes it so much easier,” he said. Liam indicated that his company is growing, and they’re in the process of ordering a new 20-ton (44,100 lbs) excavator. For Liam, there’s no question that it too will be equipped with another engcon.

He seemed excited to jump into his Yanmar to demonstrate some of the ways that the engcon saves him and his company time, man hours, and money. It’s clear as Liam deftly operates the bucket around a pair of poles, and refilling from positions that are impossible without the tiltrotator. He also shows how he picks up the pipes and other material with the integrated grab. Before we headed back to the North Haven headquarters, we see Liam back in the D6 to tackle the gravel pile that was just delivered. We’re grateful to talk to yet another operator whose focus on saving time and money led him to invest in an engcon. And whose experience makes him an engcon fan, never looking back to old ways of operating.

"In cases where I need to take off the tiltrotator, like using hammer, it’s great that I don’t have to leave the cab to switch out the attachments. EC-Oil automatically connects the hydraulics and power in less than a minute; it makes it so much easier."

Liam Fleming
Fleming Brothers Construction, Inc.

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