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Tiltrotator gentle on sensitive environments

Moorlands Specialist Excavations Ltd specialises in excavation and groundworks in sensitive areas and where ground conditions are difficult.

“During our work on site the movements of the machines can often cause a lot of damage, so we use engcon’s tiltrotator system,” says the company’s owner Eddie Warrener.

Moorlands Specialist Excavations, which is based in the Staffordshire Moorlands on the edge of the Peak District, was formed just over 20 years ago to take on difficult jobs on sensitive sites. Early on the company did a lot of drainage work, often under the most challenging conditions in steep terrain and the marshy ground surrounding this area.

Now the list of projects is long and covers a broad range, such as groundwork, restoring open-cast mines, motorway construction, pipe-laying work, land drainage, fish ponds and large agricultural projects.

“We combine our practical experience with huge knowledge of machinery, which makes it easy for us to be able to offer cost-effective solutions and efficient work,” says Eddie.

Fewer machine transports

As is well known, necessity is the mother of invention, and the company’s equipment has been adapted for the work that is performed. Sensitive environments require care, and therefore Low Ground Pressure machines are used, which move lightly over the ground, leaving minimal imprints.

“It’s often the movements of the machine that cause damage. So we use engcon’s tiltrotator system, which offers maximum efficiency within the given work radius. Thanks to our tiltrotator, we can also use smaller machines that have less of an impact. Work proceeds faster, and the end result is better.

By way of example, Eddie Warrener points out a Kubota Kx 080, a fully equipped excavator with an engcon tiltrotator with integrated grab, an engcon stone and sorting grab, an engcon tiltrotator-adapted grading bucket, a 13 000 kg hydraulic winch, 900-millimetre LGP tracks and bio-oils.

“The machine has been designed to be gentle in sensitive environments, while also being capable of handling lots of different tools such as flail mowers, tree cutters, grabs and pile drivers.”

“It’s often the movements of the machine that cause damage. So we use engcon’s tiltrotator system, which offers maximum efficiency within the given work radius.”

Eddie Warrener, Moorlands Specialist Excavations Ltd

Equipment on this machine

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