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A tiltrotator – a must for profitability

David McCaig, owner of McCaig Ground Works, has built his business on various success factors.

One of them is to always rent excavators equipped with a tiltrotator.

“I do fixed-price contracts, so my profits depend completely on the efficiency of each unit I rent,” he says.

ROK is the general contractor for the extension project at Coatbridge College east of Glasgow, and McCaig Ground Works is in charge of all the foundation work and earth moving. Work is in full swing on the fenced off work site, but McCaig still takes time to tell us how important engcon tiltrotators are in raising the company’s profits.

“I’ve had nothing but positive experience of excavators with tiltrotators,” he says, and cites a list of benefits:

  1. They replace at least one man with a spade, since they have much better reach than machines with rigid buckets.
  2. They perform work faster because of their manoeuvrability.
  3. Thanks to the tilt and rotation function, the machines do not need horizontal surfaces to stand on.
  4. Quick hitches make tool changes fast and simple.
  5. Because of the option of using a set of pallet forks, they can replace the forklift truck in some cases.

“We’ll always choose machines equipped with an engcon tiltrotator from now on,” says David.

“These excavators are so much more efficient and flexible, which automatically makes them cheaper per hour than a traditional excavator. Another advantage is that we can finish jobs faster and go on to the next project.”

Natural choice

Another satisfied user is Scott McMillan, who became a machine contractor just six months ago in the same line of business as McCaig. His Kubota KX080 is equipped with an engcon RF S45 quick hitch, an engcon tiltrotator, various buckets and a set of pallet forks.

His other machine, a Cat 308C, also has an engcon quick hitch, tiltrotator and buckets.

This was a natural choice for Scott, who has previously worked for about ten years for employers including Hydrex and QTS Rail.

“I did trackbound railway work then, and many of our excavators had engcon tiltrotators on. A tiltrotator really comes in handy in narrow spaces. It made many tricky jobs easier, and we performed tasks that can’t normally be done by excavators without tiltrotators,” says Scott.

He has the same advantages at Coatbridge College.

“On this type of worksite, you often find places that are too narrow to dig in without a tiltrotator.”

“I’ve had nothing but positive experience of excavators with tiltrotators.”

David McCaig, McCaig Ground Works

Equipment on this machine

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