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The tiltrotator is invaluable for Malcolm

The Scottish Highlands are breathtakingly beautiful – and dreadfully damp.

The latter has made Malcolm Davidson a successful entrepreneur. 

“You can see that drainage is essential”, he says as his boots sink into the soft soggy rain-soaked ground.

The surrounding area is stunningly beautiful, with hills that roll relentlessly to the mountains, which are already white with snow. 

But Malcolm concentrates on the job. He just dug one hundred meters and is now toddling along in his Cat 308D to dig a trench to the main ditch. An assistant unrolls the drain hose and lays it in the newly dug ditches. 

Malcolm has operated his business, Davidson Land Services, for six years and the fleet now consists of four excavators. The Cat that he’s driving is now two years old and shines as though it were brand new. 

“I like to take good care of my machines”, he says. He believes it’s important for the company to give a good impression and that the machines have a higher resale value if they are cared for properly. 

Small machinery

The company specializes in drainage and landscaping, and no excavator is larger than eight tons. According to Malcolm, many of the jobs he does couldn’t be done with larger machines. The engcon tiltrotator is also brilliant on the soggy ground. 

“With the engcon tiltrotator I don’t have to move the machine as often while I’m working, which radically reduces damage to the land and we avoid lots of unnecessary restoration work.” 

A fifth excavator is on the way to the company and with his experience of Cats equipped with engcon, Malcolm did not hesitate about which accessories to include. 

“The engcon tiltrotator is now just as obvious a choice as a bucket!” 

“The engcon tiltrotator is now just as obvious a choice as a bucket!”

Malcolm Davidsson, Davidson Land Services

Equipment on this machine

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