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Sorting with precision

According to Jarmo Valtonen in Sievi, in the Finnish Österbotten, the machines have been there for as long as he can remember.

“This is probably unofficially due to my starting work as a machine contractor when I was pulled over by the police as a twelve year-old, as I was driving a tractor-excavator without having a licence”, laughs Jarmo.

Jorma Valtonen is standing on his father-in-law’s land where they are carrying out demolition.

“Previously we took every conceivable job using a tractor excavator, and a little later we went over to rotating-base machines.

We take these demolition jobs to fill-in between jobs when we don’t have anything else to do. In this particular job we have to move the somewhat dilapidated outhouse using engcon’s stone grab directly onto the transporter bed. Most of our jobs are, however, on the bio-energy side”, Jarmo points out.

Kone ja energia Valtonen Oy is owned by Jarmo and his brother Harri. It is a profitable enterprise with fairly new machines which are well suited to the jobs they carry out.

Peat and stone chip transportation is responsible for the major part of the turnover. 

Drives round the entire county

The chip machinery, the chip crusher and chipper circulate over the entire county. Own areas are used for the peat production.

The company’s excavators such as Jarmo’s Hitachi Zaxis with 900 mm wide caterpillar tracks is for the most part used within the production of bio-energy. The machine is fitted with a newish engcon sorting grab and it is rotated by the new generation Tiltrotator, the EC219.

“All of our caterpillar-driven excavators are equipped with grabs for handling energy forests, but on this machine we also have the Tiltrotator which makes it easier and faster to carry out the demolition job. Sorting of the demolition debris requires, however, almost millimetre precision as sorting the debris is carried out solely with the sorting grab”, says Jorma.

Microprop control

The excavator is also equipped with engcon’s control system both for the Tiltrotator and the track control. 

“As I’ve had experience in electrical control for nearly twenty years, it’s second nature that electrical control is the best alternative”, explains Jarmo and continues; 

“The new engcon Tiltrotator is very pleasant to work with. The Prop control has buttons for controlling the grab and the buttons’ area of application can be changed according to needs. It’s a very nifty system. When you can drive and control the machine with the same joysticks, the workload inside the cab is significantly reduced. 

“When you can drive and control the machine with the same joysticks, the workload inside the cab is significantly reduced.”

Jarmo Valtonen, Kone ja energia Valtonen Oy

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