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“When working on the railway the Tiltrotator is an absolute necessity”

When the railway line between Suonenjoki and Pieksämäki is renovated it’s all about precision and accuracy in all phases.

That all the wheel excavators are equipped with engcon Tiltrotators is a must.

“Regardless of where the workplace is, the Tiltrotator is starting to be a ’must have’ item. But in railway work it’s an absolute necessity”, says Erkki Sormunen, works manager at Komsor.

Komsor Oy is a family-owned company from Sonkajärvi that has specialised in railway embankment work. Their area of operation is all of Finland and the number of twenty employees nearly doubles during the summer months due to more embankment work. Last summer, for example, they worked at six different sites from Hängö up to Oulu.

For its embankment work Komsor has among other machines nine relatively new Doosan DX160W wheeled excavators equipped with railway wheels and all have engcon Titrotators. 

Several improvements

The current project between Suonenjoki and Pieksämäki is for replacing track and railway sleepers, and assembly of equipment, drying and embankment work. At the same time the level crossings are being transformed into split-level crossings. 

One such embankment project was at the end of May, in the village of Markkala, ten kilometres south of Suonenjoki. The work involved fitting concrete soles into the finished embankment for the erection of posts. Within Destia’s contracting chain many machines from both Ratatek Oy and Komsor Oy participated to increase capacity. 

Capacity itself is completely necessary, as the schedule must be kept to. Sometimes a time window allows only a couple of hours’ work during the early hours of the morning.

“Regardless of where the workplace is, the Tiltrotator is starting to be a ’must have’ item. But in railway work it’s an absolute necessity.”

Erkki Sormunen, Komsor Oy

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