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Tiltrotator resulted in more jobs

Frank Kluttig’s view from the cab of his Volvo EW160C might well make him slightly worried.

The dug-up road in Herrnhut, Saxony is a web of electricity, telephone, water, gas and sewage lines to be replaced. And there is very little space for the machine to operate in. But Frank is cool as a cucumber as he starts digging.

“I wouldn’t be able to work in this narrow space without a tiltrotator. And even if I could, the job would need more workers with spades.”

Kluttig has been working as an excavator operator for 20 years. For the past ten years, he has had his own company, Kluttig Baumaschinendienst.

He accepts most jobs in the industry, and engcon’s products have significantly increased the number of contracts he can take on.

Operating his engcon EC20 tiltrotator with millimetre precision, he digs the ground to completely expose a telephone line for servicing. While his only assistant climbs down into the pit, Frank uses the integrated grab to lift away a manhole cover, then continues digging to expose the gas line running along the road.

“I bought my first engcon tiltrotator in April 2010. Together with my other engcon equipment, it has significantly increased my number of billable hours,” says Frank, pointing to the machine’s various buckets, a vibratory soil compactor and a stone and scrap handling grab.

He says that his excavator is now much more versatile and flexible, and that the tiltrotator and other engcon equipment have rationalised his work far more than he could ever have imagined.

Before joining the road project in Herrnhut, Frank was subcontracted by another machine contractor to install erosion protection along a river course. The contractor was so impressed that he bought his own engcon tiltrotator to rationalise his work.

Frank is one of engcon’s test drivers for the new swivel that allows flow-intensive attachments to be operated directly via the tiltrotator’s extra outlet. Among other things, this means he can operate his PP600 vibratory soil compactor via the extra outlets, making his excavator even more flexible.

“I’m delighted with the new swivel. Now I don’t need to worry about accidentally dislodging a hose while rotating the vibratory soil compactor,” he says. He will soon buy the EC-Oil, engcon’s own quick hitch with an automatic oil coupling function.

Then Frank will have the ideal combination: a tiltrotator with a high flow swivel, a hydraulic quick hitch and tools that he can attach and detach without getting out of the cab.

“I wouldn’t be able to work in this narrow space without a tiltrotator. And even if I could, the job would need more workers with spades.”

Frank Kluttig, Kluttig Baumaschinendienst

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