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Tiltrotator creates jobs and increases profits

Being a sole trader doesn’t necessarily mean restrictions – at least, not if you’ve fitted your excavator with an engcon tiltrotator.

Jean-Marie Leroy has turned his new Hitachi 60 USB into a jack of all trades that does the jobs of several machines.

“I win more contracts and am increasing my profits with a tiltrotator.”

Jean-Marie Leroy has been operating excavators for 16 years. He was the co-owner of an organisation for many years, but in the autumn of 2012 he started his own company specialising in three areas: demolition and excavation, road construction and drainage, and landscape planning. And he knew exactly how he should go about it. He got to know engcon’s tiltrotators at the Batimat trade fair back in 2007. And after the Intermat trade fair in 2009, he bit the bullet and bought a tiltrotator for a Neuson 50Z3 in order to develop his interest in landscape planning.

Winning concept

Just over a year ago, in February 2014, he switched to a new Hitachi 60 USB and fitted it with a winning concept; an engcon EC05 tiltrotator, sorting grab, asphalt cutter and buckets.

His investment has turned out well. The number of satisfied customers is growing, and major contractors in the region have got into the habit of phoning Jean-Marie when they need someone to work in demanding environments and enclosed spaces, or where excavation is a complex task which has to be carried out with precision.

The versatility of his work is demonstrated to us when we visit him in Hardricourt, to the north-west of Paris. A garage has been completely destroyed by fire here, and a new one is to be built. Jean-Marie did most of the initial work on his own with his excavator: he demolished the garage, excavated for cables, carried out land planning and sorted the waste.

“I win more contracts and am increasing my profits with a tiltrotator.”

Jean-Marie Leroy

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