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With a tiltrotator, your shovel can take a rest

Manual tools are a thing of the past – and nobody misses them.

“Since we bought a tiltrotator we no longer need anyone on the job site who works with a shovel. That’s an advantage you just can’t ignore”, says Georg Grabmeier.

The old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” doesn’t apply to Georg Grabmeier. On the contrary. For years he worked as an assembler at BMW, but at age 55 he decided to switch gears and do something completely different for the rest of his working life.

“I wanted to become an excavator contractor, I was absolutely sure about it”, says Georg, who admits that his wife Isolde was not totally thrilled about the decision.

But that’s what happened and even Isolde soon realized that it was the right decision. In his new job, in the excavator, Georg found new energy and job satisfaction.

That was 1999. The operation grew and the company now has two employees and machinery that includes an excavator and a dumper. 

But that was not the last successful choice George made in his working life. At Demopark in 2009 he saw a tiltrotator from engcon for the first time.

“I immediately understood the advantages and opportunities of the tiltrotator.”

No doubts

When Georg bought a new excavator later that same year, the vendor recommended a tilt coupler – but Georg already knew what he wanted.

“There was no doubt that I would have a tiltrotator from engcon. With the work I do – cable trenching, planing, landscaping, etc. – the tiltrotator simplifies my job considerably.”

It was particularly noticeable that day when Georg Grabmeier was putting up a wall and leveling the ground at a newly renovated house just outside Munich. Georg dug with great precision from the outer edge of the street to make room for the new wall. No manual labor is needed and it’s remarkable how easily and precisely the work is carried out. 

And Georg Grabmeier is not alone in his praise of the tiltrotator.

“Customers see the advantages of the tiltrotator, too,” says Georg, who knows how the next excavator will be equipped. “Absolutely, it will have a tiltrotator right from the start.” 

“I immediately understood the advantages and opportunities of the tiltrotator.”

Georg Grabmeier

Equipment on this machine

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