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“Never again a machine without engcon”

Around the area of Großschönau where eastern Germany borders on the Czech Republic, 9 km of road are being thoroughly re-constructed, with reinforcements and replacement of water and drainage pipelines.

The contracting company Franke Bau is one of the biggest contractors involved in this project, and right in the middle of the road we find Sven Rensch, a machine operator.

“Now I know what I can do and see just how flexible the excavator can be, I’d never want to go back to the ‘pre-engcon’ days,” he says during a short break while he waits for materials delivered by a steady stream of lorries that shuttle back and forth along the construction area.

Franke Bau, which has an average of 45 employees during the season, mainly works on roads and building foundations. The company bought its first engcon in spring 2010.

Lots of tools

Sven works with one of the company’s two new Hitachi ZX190W-3, fitted with an engcon tiltrotator and a large number of other engcon products, such as ground compactors, stone and sorting grabs, timber grabs and engcon’s grading and cable bucket.

“Look, I don’t need to move the machine as much as before and in a project such as this where space is so limited, the work would have been significantly more difficult to carry out if it hadn’t been for the tiltrotator,” explains Sven, before clambering up into his cab to receive yet another load of sand coming in.

Smooth and easy

It’s easy to see what he means when we watch a lorry tip sand by the excavator. In an instant he rotates the bucket to scoop the sand away from the machine and then down into the exact spot where it is needed to form a protective layer over the water pipeline. A movement that would have been impossible to perform without an engcon tiltrotator.

Franke Bau has understood the concept of the tiltrotator and is now convinced of its excellence. In September 2012 Franke Bau acquired another new machine. This time the company chose a Hitachi ZX225US-3, equipped with the new EC226 engcon tilt-rotator, which will mainly be used for water and sanitation work.

“Now I know what I can do and see just how flexible the excavator can be, I’d never want to go back to the ‘pre-engcon’ days.”

Sven Rensch, Franke Bau

Equipment on this machine

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