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“The tiltrotator is fantastic!”

In western France, almost all excavators are equipped with a boom swing – but more and more machine operators are realising the advantages of the engcon tiltrotator. 

“Now I’ve got far more flexibility and don’t need to move the machine around like I did before,” says Laurent, a machine operator at Bouchet.

Bouchet, an excavation and road maintenance contractor, tried the engcon tiltrotator for a period of time and recently decided to buy another one.

“It felt a bit unfamiliar to start with, but I quickly learned the functions,” says Laurent.

The initial doubt quickly gave way to fascination with the tiltrotator’s possibilities.

“Now the machine is incredibly flexible, and I’m constantly discovering new functions,” he says. “I’ve never disconnected the tiltrotator, but I could because it’s connected with double hitches.The tiltrotator has made my work more efficient and the machine more versatile. Now I have a machine that can do a lot more jobs, and I don’t need to move it around like I used to do. I use the tiltrotator for all sorts of operations, like digging trenches for electrical, telecom and water lines and reaching into spaces that are hard to access. With the tiltrotator, I can even work underneath the lines – something that used to be impossible.”

Unfounded worry

The tiltrotator on Laurent’s machine is fitted with an integrated grab. He was initially worried that it would get in the way during digging.

“But that worry proved unfounded. The tiltrotator is really fantastic.” 

engcon is growing in France, where many realise that the tiltrotator’s benefits are maximised by combining it with engcon attachments, which are adapted to the tiltrotator’s specific functions. Popular attachments include engcon’s CB cable buckets and DB deep excavation buckets. The latter have a shorter cutting blade, which makes it easier to dig deep and to fill the bucket to the desired capacity.

“Now the machine is incredibly flexible, and I’m constantly discovering new functions.”

Laurent , Bouchet

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