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engcon’s tiltrotator makes life easier and the work much faster

Traffic control officers are ensuring worker safety as new sidewalks are being built along Farmington Ave. in Bristol, Connecticut. Empire Paving, Inc. is hard at work, with their Cat M322D equipped with engcon EC226 tiltrotator, integrated grab, and grading bucket. Brad Talker, driver and co-owner, meets us with a warm smile and tells how he discovered engcon's tiltrotator.

“I saw an engcon tiltrotator for the first time back in 2014 at CONEXPO,” said Brad. “My first reaction was that it was a strange tool, and I wondered if it would really hold up on really rugged jobs,” he added.

He explained that even after the expo, he kept thinking about the tiltrotaor. He saw engcon increasingly on social media and thought it seemed more and more cool and began to understand the benefits more and more. “This year, we were given the opportunity to test a tiltrotator ourselves and then we decided to buy it,” said Brad. “After using it for a while, we realize that our engcon tiltrotator saves both time and money.” Brad points to the M322 and shows how the excavator stands next to the sidewalk and digs offset. “Without our tiltrotator, we have a lot more manuvering to do and needed more space. So not only did it take longer, but in this kind of situation, it would be more dangerous since we’re so close to the passing traffic,” said Brad.

He shared additional examples of how the machine is more efficient and more flexible when digging up existing water and gas pipelines as well as working with electrical and telecommunications cables. “Thanks to the ability to tilt and rotate the bucket, you get around the pipes in a way that we couldn’t before. Manual work has also decreased radically. The tiltrotor makes life easier and the job goes faster,” he explained. Brad tells us that initially, his other drivers were as doubtful as he was, but after just one week with the tiltrotator, they were sold.

“Although they get opportunities to operate a brand new excavator, they don’t want to if it doesn’t have an engcon tiltrotator. Now that we know how efficient the excavators with it are, we’ll continue to equip them with only the best,” said Brad as we were preparing to let him get back to work.

Founded in 1967, North Haven, Connecticut-based, Empire Paving, Inc. is family-owned. With more than 60 machines including excavators, wheel loaders, dump, trucks, asphalt pavers, and rollers, they employ more than 200 people. The company offers complete site development services including demolition, site excavation, underground utilities, stone aggregate products, and road building. They serve commercial, municipal, and residential, customers. Some specific types of jobs include tennis and basketball court construction, pavement reclaiming, sealcoating and line striping. In 2001, they won the State of Connecticut Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Award for excellence in quality for an HMA pavement job.

“This year, we were given the opportunity to test a tiltrotator ourselves and then we decided to buy it.”

Brad Talker

Equipment on this machine

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