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Engcon equips the new JCB Hydradig

The JCB Hydradig has a unique design with the engine located low on the frame. According to JCB, this improves both visibility and stability. The new design also meant that earlier proportional control systems had limited functionality on the Hydradig.

Engcon is the first manufacturer to offer a proportional control system with simultaneous control of all tiltrotator functions, as well as wheel steering and FNR, all from a single DC2 control system for the Hydradig. All tiltrotator, boom and slew funtions, together with wheel steer, forward, neutral and reverse (FNR) gears and other (digger) hydraulic functions are operated using Engcon’s MIG2 joysticks. Kai Både, a private contractor in Helsinki, wasn’t planning on buying a new excavator, but he soon changed his mind. At a presentation of the new Hydradig, his thoughts took an entirely different direction. The machine’s innovative design aroused Kai’s interest. Kai ordered a machine for his company West Express more or less on the spot, and the new machine soon added to the company’s already good reputation.

West Express is a fast urban operator

“We concentrate more and more on renovation jobs in towns. The company’s fleet numbers almost 30 machines, of which more than 10 are excavators. Because we prioritise mobility, versatility and speed, most of our machines are in the 10-tonne class or lighter. We are often under time pressure, and don’t want to be dependent on time-consuming machine transits with trailers.”

“The more difficult the conditions on site, the better things are for us. Which is why we now have an Engcon-equipped JCB Hydradig.”

“We’ve worked together with Kai Både at West Express for more than 10 years,” says JCB’s Head of Sales, Petteri Sirva. His new JCB is getting the top equipment specification including a heater, central lubrication, an Engcon EC209 including a development of the Engcon DC2 proportional control system for JCB Hydradig, all according to Kai’s shopping list. I recommended this package to Kai as I know I can rely on Engcon’s products, their characteristics and their reliable service and spare parts supply”.

“When it comes to various manufacturer’s accessories, I base my recommendations to future customers on current customer feedback and experience; Engcon remains at the top of the list. It’s just the safest choice. When we install the components here, they fit right away. The close collaboration between JCB and Engcon is clearly apparent to us.” Kai Både at West Express aims to maximise his business opportunities with his new machine, and with Engcon’s equipment there’ll be no problem at all.

Behind every successful entrepreneur there are always capable suppliers

Kai Både’s customers are mainly regulars who always come back with more work. This means that the company’s reputation remains high and the order book full. In turn, Kai sets the bar high for his suppliers.

“Because my company keeps other Finns busy, we make sure everything is always top-level and high quality. We demand the same quality from people who work with us, machine suppliers and aftermarket service providers alike. This way, everyone gets to enjoy success. If any part doesn’t measure up, we change it. Our customers work the same way. It’s the only way to stay afloat,” concludes Kai.

"Because my company and its suppliers keep other Finns busy, we make sure everything is always top-level and high quality. We demand the same quality from people who work with us, machine suppliers and aftermarket service providers alike."

Kai Både, West Express

Equipment on this machine

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