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“The tiltrotator is indispensable”

engcon’s tiltrotator increases effectiveness on all excavation jobs.

But for many demanding and specialised jobs, the tiltrotator is an absolute necessity.

“Yes, for us, engcon’s tiltrotator is indispensable,” says Dirk Muilwijk, who works for the Dutch petrochemical industry.

In Rotterdam, the petrochemical industry is strong with large facilities such as Shell Pernis. It is one of the world’s largest refineries and is the largest in Europe. Here there are a number of pipelines, both underground and above ground that require regular maintenance.

When the underground pipelines are taken out of service for maintenance, they need to be exposed. This is done with special soil suction trolleys and it is here that Dirk Muilwijk in Barendrecht comes into the picture.

Dirk Muilwijk has two soil suction trolleys as well as two Liebherr excavators with engcon tiltrotators and diverse special equipment details. The latest addition is a Liebherr A 918 Compact that is painted in the company’s fresh blue colour. On the machine hangs an engcon EC219 that is equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler. 

To allow the machine to be used for more than just digging, it is equipped with several safety devices and is approved as a crane. And as the tiltrotator comes with non-return valves as standard, it can be equipped with a telescopic boom.

No damage

“We use soil suction trolleys to expose the pipelines. In this way, the underground cable and pipe systems remain undamaged. We use the mobile excavators to mount steel beams where the exposed cables and pipes are hung,” says Dirk Muilwijk and continues: 

“When work with the pipelines is finished, we use the excavators to refill the trenches. That is when the tiltrotator is indispensable! Because the bucket can be turned in all directions, we can fill sand next to the pipeline instead of on top of it. That way, the pipelines are undamaged.”

He even has an engcon SR2000 sweeper roller that can be connected to the other machine that Peter Termeer drives.

“Once we have refilled all of the holes, we lift the road plates off with fork lifts. When that is done, we hang the two-metre wide hydraulic sweeper roller on the machine and sweep the road and walkways clean. It is fast and easy and we leave a neat and clean workplace after us,” he says.

“When work with the pipelines is finished, we use the excavators to refill the trenches. That is when the tiltrotator is indispensable!”

Dirk Muilwijk

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