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“the engcon tiltrotator is unbeatable!”

The South Wales-based plant hire company Digby Plant Ltd recently invested in an EC20B tiltrotator to add to its fleet of machines. 

With the tiltrotator mounted on a Komatsu PW160 excavator, the machine is considerably more versatile. 

“engcon is a fantastic new addition to our range of machines,” says Danny Digby.

He points out that the dimensions of the tiltrotator are so compact that the reduction in breaking force is negligible in relation to the extra advantages it offers. Digby Plant has used this very Komatsu machine for work on a wastewater project near the Severn Bridge, where it was used for a number of different tasks. 

The ability to rapidly switch accessories is something that is appreciated by the management, as it makes the machine more flexible. The machine is used on a daily basis to lift and move pipes, load dump trucks with packing and filling material and perform all sorts of excavation work.

Impossible without the tiltrotator

“We have been asked to make embankments round the site. Considering the appalling weather we have had recently, this job would had been pretty much impossible without the tiltrotator. Also, we can have the machine doing its work from the road, without needing to drive it around on the muddy ground, and this helps to keep the area clean. engcon has also made it easier for us to profile the embankments parallel with the edge of the pavement,” says Danny.

Thanks to the fact that the compact tiltrotator can be tilted 40° to either side, it is possible to use buckets with a width as little as 320 mm at their full height. And as the majority of the work on this site is carried out using trenching buckets, this could be an advantage for Digby’s future projects.

The solid design of the tiltrotator is something that impresses Danny. 

“Everything is mounted really neatly and the hoses and electric cables are nicely arranged. The levers with proportional Microprop control are also top class,” he says enthusiastically. 

Satisfied customers

“My customers are also extremely satisfied with the new equipment. The new double lock function makes engcon even safer to use. This means that the equipment meets the health and safety requirements currently applied by most construction firms in the UK.”

This solid engcon quality makes the equipment unbeatable, according to Danny. He continues to point out its advantages. The reinforced frame and top bracket mean the equipment can be used for even the most demanding tasks. And the unit requires a hydraulic flow of 40-80 litres per minute, which does not reduce the operating speed of the base machine.

Digby Plant, which works with everything from small excavators to machines up to 30 tons, is a big fan of the tiltrotator system; the people there think that it gives the machine an improved working capacity that is almost incredible. 

“engcon gives us a clear competitive advantage. I just wish all our machines were equipped with them!”

“engcon gives us a clear competitive advantage. I just wish all our machines were equipped with them!”

Danny Digby, Digby Plant Ltd

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