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DC2 remote support saves time and money

David Anjou is an excavator operator with Solliden Maskin AB and is currently helping to build an entirely new city district in Norrtälje Harbour. However, when we visited it was difficult to see what the result would be as the entire district was just one big hole in the ground where several excavators were busy levelling out for building foundations.

“It can be difficult to visualise what this will all look like, but once it’s finished it’s going to be a fabulous housing area,” says David and gestures toward an area that is enclosed by a high fence. The developer - Norrtälje municipality - says on its website that their new district will extend and double the size of the city’s centre. The area will include parks, city squares, quayside promenades and plenty of space for shopping, recreation, bars and restaurants, and culture. The website also has images that show what a fabulous place the district with its sea views will be. It will also be possible to moor your yacht right next to your balcony in the more exclusive apartments. David works chiefly with pipe laying and general groundwork with his Liebherr 918 Compact wheel loader, which with its trailer is an effective multitasker that both excavates and moves material.

“People always appreciate that I can take care of so much myself and don’t have to call for a dumper or truck as soon as material has to be moved on site. As we are talking, a construction worker calls to say they need gravel around a manhole somewhere on site. David drives off quickly, loads his trailer and a minute or two later he tips the material where it was needed.

“Engcon’s tiltrotator makes my machine many times more versatile and flexible as I can work in tight corners without having to move the excavator all the time,” says David. “The integrated gripper makes it even better and is my best friend in many a situation. Recently, David realised that one of the gripper’s functions needed adjusting as it continued to close for a fraction of a second after he had released the roller that controls the jaws.

This was a perfect opportunity to test Engcon’s remote support as David has an Engcon DC2 proportional control system. David downloaded the DC2 app from the Google Play Store and he was on the way. Opening the app, he clicks on the “Request help” button, which calls up the Controller serial number and a PIN code. Next, David calls Kalle Wedin at Engcon support, gives him the numbers and describes the problem. Kalle links up to David’s machine from his computer in Strömsund and adjusts the values so that the grab closes as it should.

“Fantastic. Not having to call out a service truck or drive the excavator to a workshop saves me time and money,” commends David, who can put the grab to immediate use as a bundle of old electrical cables they’ve dug up must be sorted and loaded for recycling. The DC2 saves time and money.

"“Fantastic. Not having to call out a service truck saves me time and money"

David Anjou, Solliden Maskin AB

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