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From sceptic to true love

Michael Tapani admits that in the beginning he was sceptical to engcon’s tiltrotators.

But all it took was a couple of days’ work with an engcon EC15B fitted with the GR20 integrated grab to convince him otherwise.

“The employees and I have ‘fallen in love’ with the tiltrotator”, says Michael Tapani, of the family-owned company Dan Tapani Excavating LLC in Clark County in Washington State, USA.

It was during a family holiday to Sweden five years ago, that Michael Tapani first came across engcon’s products. However it wasn’t to be until a year and a half ago before Michael and his brother Dale bought their first engcon tilt-rotator. It was a really big decision to buy and start using it in the family-owned company. The carefully conducted evaluation process that preceded the purchased proved itself to be the right decision in order to reduce time spent on different jobs, and to make the company really efficient.

Their current project at Royal View Estates in Vancouver, WA started in February with 78 units planned on a compressed landmass by the main road. The tiltrotator has been the main tool used for work on the nine meter wide units, after the excavators had first finished the primary digging tasks.

“The tiltrotator has significantly improved the operating times. The actual excavation work on this project, by way of example, has been twice as efficient compared to if we hadn’t had the engcon”, says Michael.

Marked improvements

The company is primarily engaged in planning and excavation work for electrical and water utilities as well as demolition in housing areas consisting of smaller houses in the south-western Washington region. 

“The most marked improvements and gains in efficiency have been in the excavation work for electrical and water utilities in confined areas. Compared to a standard excavator the tiltrotator means we are able to manage all the excavation required for electrical and water utilities all at once. 

As long as there’s sufficient space for the machine we’ll know the tiltrotator can get the job done”, explains Michael.

22 year-old Andy, the youngest member of the Tapani family, is frequently referred to as “the magician” by his elder brother Michael because of the way he handles the engcon equipment. He thinks that the tiltrotator is very useful in tight spaces and points out over the area that he’s used the engcon EC15B on. 

“I’m still learning how to manoeuvre the EC15B, as I’m used to using one function rather than the free versatility the tiltrotator offers”.

First from the outset

At the same time as Michael admits that to begin with he was sceptical about the product, he proudly tells us that his personnel are now fully convinced of the tiltrotator’s capacity and versatility, and that they’ve “fallen in love with the tiltrotator”. 

The elementary functionality of the product made changing machine very easy to accomplish. With his fleet of seven excavators Michael is thinking in terms of eventually using engcon tiltrotators on all his machines. He can ima-gine working exclusively with engcon products in pace with the expansion of the family-owned company started by his father in 1975. 

“Once you’ve started using them, you can’t imagine any other way of working”, Michael concludes.

“The tiltrotator has significantly improved the operating times. The actual excavation work on this project, by way of example, has been twice as efficient compared to if we hadn’t had the engcon.”

Michael Tapani, Dan Tapani Excavating LLC

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