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Power and flexibility increase profitability

“engcon is unbeatable when it comes to tilting ability!”

These words come from Joachim Schnupp, who with his contracting company Baggerbetrieb J. Schnupp is busy doing all manner of excavation work in the area around Billigheim.

“Thanks to the engcon tiltrotator I’ve been able to significantly expand my working area,” says Joachim, who explains that his excavator is a flexible, complete machine now able to carry out tasks that would have been just about impossible without a tiltrotator.

Billigheim is a small community with a population of about 5,000, about 120 km south of Frankfurt. Joachim was one of the first contractors in his region to acquire a tiltrotator, and made his mind up after having seen the concept at Bauma 2004.

”When I visited engcon’s stand and saw the extreme versatility of the excavator with a tiltrotator, I decided that my next machine had to have one,” Joachim says.

No sooner said than done. In 2006 Joachim bought his first tiltrotator, and is now on his second one. It is an EC20 with integrated grab, mounted on O & K MH Plus, which he supplemented with a number of buckets and an engcon stone and sorting grab.

Perfect work

On this particular day Joachim has the perfect job for the stone and sorting grab as he lifts and loads a pile of kerbstones, cast in formidable lumps of concrete.

Joachim had dug up the kerbstones earlier in the day to uncover a rainwater drain that runs to the community’s local car dealer. Joachim points out piping that extends from a roof down into the drain which has to be replaced. It’s easy to understand that this job would have required a huge number of hours in manual digging if the machine hadn’t been fitted with an engcon tiltrotator.

”It’s not just that the excavator has become so much more useful; I also work in a safer environment, as now I don’t need to reposition the machine the whole time,” explains Joachim, indicating the spot from where he had been able to carry out just about all the excavation work.

Requires little space

Joachim continues talking about the benefits, including the fact that he no longer needs to cordon off such large working areas since the excavator has been fitted with the engcon tiltrotator.

”My clients have understood what I can do with my excavator for a long time, and there’s really no job that’s too complex to take on,” continues Joachim.

He also has a mini excavator that his brother Michael operates, but there’s been less and less for it to do, as the larger-wheeled excavator is now able to tackle many of the tasks that previously could only be done using the smaller machine.

Mini excavator can stay

”Yes, it’s a fact that this excavator in many cases, and thanks to the tiltrotator, is more versatile than the mini excavator that only has a quick hitch,” Joachim says, and praises the power of his EC20.

”I’ve tested a number of other makes, but there’s nothing to beat engcon on tilting power,” says Joachim, who is very often in need of a powerful tilt function.

And for him there’s no going back to the time before the engcon tiltrotator.

”No, I couldn’t do without my engcon. I love it,” says Joachim with a serious gaze.

“No, I couldn’t do without my engcon. I love it.”

Joachim Schnupp, Baggerbetrieb J. Schnupp

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