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Handicapped without a tiltrotator

Albrecht Haupt bought his first tiltrotator in 2007.

It took a few days for him to learn how to operate it – and since then Albrecht hasn’t regretted his purchase for a second.

“I get the job done in half the time thanks to my tiltrotator. And there are some jobs I wouldn’t really be able to do at all without a tiltrotator.”

Even though the calendar is open at October it’s almost 20 degrees outside and a beautiful dam is emerging in the picturesque landscape around Burgkunstadt, a small community between Bamberg and Schweinfurt. 

The municipality here contracted Albrecht Haupt to construct the dam. The ground is very soft and damp after previous floods.

“Look, I’ve now finished shaping the dam; I’ve excavated a deeper channel, levelled the ground around the dam and finished drainage channels for future water that previously overtopped the dam and rose all the way up towards the community,” Albrecht tells us as he takes a break.

Starting work with a tiltrotator was no big deal. After a short running-in period, the tiltrotator became absolutely crucial to Albrecht.

No regrets about the purchase

“I bought my first tiltrotator in 2007 and I haven’t regretted it for a second,” says Albrecht, adding that many of the jobs he does would be difficult without a tiltrotator.

“I’d simply feel handicapped without my tiltrotator…”

Albrecht climbs back up into the cab and shows us the control levers. The machine is fitted with engcon’s proportional Microprop control system and the associated implement joysticks and rollers he uses to control the tiltrotor.

“Microprop is an absolutely fabulous control system that makes the machine easy to operate and delicate, smooth, infinitely variable movements straightforward,” says Albrecht, showing us how smoothly and precisely he can control the tiltrotator.

Lower overall cost

Albrecht was recently awarded a major contract with the municipality in competition with ten other companies – all thanks to his tiltrotator.

They’ve seen how efficient I am with my machine. “Even though I charge more per hour, they know the overall cost will be lower,” concludes Albrecht as he starts loading the truck alongside the excavator with yet more spoil.

“Microprop is an absolutely fabulous control system.”

Albrecht Haupt

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