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Automatic quick hitch is the new engcon standard

We’re taking things one step further by introducing our EC-Oil automatic quick hitch system as standard equipment. This means you’ll no longer have to step out of the cab and mess around with obstinate, time-consuming hoses and connections. It also means you now get automatic oil, electric and central lubrication connection without paying extra for it.

“One small step for engcon, one giant leap for the excavator industry”

Thanks to this decision, world-leading engcon will be the only tiltrotator manufacturer to offer this unique system in a complete package as standard equipment.

We asked ourselves: Why should anyone have to pay more to enjoy the latest, safest and most convenient technology when it doesn’t cost us a penny extra? We concluded it was high time the customer had everything integrated by us as standard at no extra charge. This is just one small step for engcon, but one giant leap for the excavator industry.

As of 1 May 2018, engcon will begin delivering machine hitches with EC-Oil fully automatic hydraulic connectors at no extra cost. The same thing applies to engcon tiltrotators with DC2 control systems; an EC-Oil connection to the excavator’s machine hitch will also be included as standard equipment at no extra charge.

No need to leave the cab

Engcon automatic quick hitches allow you to quickly and conveniently connect hydraulics, electrical power and central lubrication between the excavator and tiltrotator without leaving the cab. EC-Oil provides the highest availability, simplest installation and the safest electrical and oil connections.

Take advantage of the excavator’s full power and stability whenever you need it, or use the tiltrotator’s flexibility whenever it’s called for. EC-Oil means no more compromises.

Our free offer includes one EC-Oil block with two hydraulic connections, a central lubrication connection and an electrical connection – in fact everything you need to connect an engcon tiltrotator and all of its refinements. We will begin with hitches in the S60 size, and introduce the remaining sizes in succession during 2018.

And because we own the entire system, we assume full responsibility – another major advantage for our customers. One contact and one call will provide you with a complete solution.

Stig Engström, owner & founder, engcon

NOW you will get automatic oil connection WITHOUT PAYING ANYTHING EXTRA FOR IT.

Change task in an instant

EC-Oil is engcon’s system for hydraulic and electrical connection of hydraulic tools and attachments, specially adapted for our series of tiltrotators. As the sole supplier we can help you with a total solution – from control systems, hitches and tools, to support and safety analyses.

Designed for maximum operational safety

The EC-Oil is designed for maximum operational safety in demanding environments. It is the market’s only fully hydraulic hitch that can tackle connecting pressurised tools and attachments at full system pressure. The proprietary oil and electrical connectors are designed to be even more resistant to the often tough working conditions for excavators. The connectors are the most durable on the
market – proven through destructive testing at 1600 bar operating pressure and innumerable tests in contaminated environments.

New generation of tiltrotators

The next generation of tiltrotators is here: the 2 series. The new design and strengthened frame have radically improved performance. The EC219, compared to the equivalent tiltrotator in the B-series, has 37 % greater breakout force and 27 % higher torque. The hydraulic motor has been moved to the left-hand side, where it is well protected and visible to the operator. The new tiltrotators are fitted with a central lubrication system and are adapted for high-flow swivel use.

Hydraulic tools

engcon’s hydraulic tools are designed for optimal function together with the EC-Oil and engcon’s tiltrotators. Together they create a system of tools that make your work proceed quickly, efficiently and profitably.

Fully hydraulic quick hitches

The EC-Oil has no visible hoses or electrical cables that move around when connecting. This reduces the risk of pinch injuries and wear and tear. There is also mechanical protection which prevents the bracket being incorrectly connected, reducing the risk of breakdown. The in-built pressure relief valve enables the tool to be changed whilst maintaining complete system pressure. When maximum breakout force is needed the tiltrotator can easily be disconnected. This also saves weight, which means fuel savings and a better total economy.

Mechanical tools

engcon offers a wide-ranging tool and attachment programme, adapted to your specific needs. The tools and attachments are manufactured in high-quality steel and are designed to provide the greatest flexibility and crack resistance. The wear and cutting steel has a hardness of around 500 brinell. We also reinforce our tools with Hardox on the most exposed positions to manage an extra tough load.

1. Hydraulics
2. Central lubrication
3. Electronics
4. An extra EC-Oil block can be mounted afterwards for higher flow requirements




Now there's a better alternative!

With Engcon's fully hydraulic quick hitches you can switch hydraulic tools without leaving your seat.

Up to 64 minutes saved per day!

The old way


Connect hydraulics manually



90 seconds

72 minutes


The engcon way


Connect hydraulics with Q-Safe + EC-Oil



10 seconds

8 minutes

”With Engcon's fully hydraulic quick hitches I can connect my hydraulic tools in just 10 seconds without leaving the cab. It saves time, money and effort!”


Holger Herzberg from Albert Brecht switches between a hammer and bucket up to 50 times a day.


Fully hydraulic quick hitches
for hydraulic excavators from 6 to 33 tonnes

  • Lets you change hydraulic tools in just 10 seconds without leaving the cab
  • Connects all hydraulic tools automatically to machines from 6-33 tonnes
  • Can be retrofitted to all types of hydraulic tools, regardless of manufacturer (Check specifications and flow requirements)
  • Requires no installation for return oil
  • Extremely durable connectors allow tool connection at full system pressure
  • Non-drip system = environmentally friendly
  • Most economical hydraulic system
  • Eliminates problems with manual hydraulic connections

Save time,
save money!

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