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The noble art
of digging

Have you ever dreamed of being able to do this with your excavator?*

With an engcon tiltrotator it’s no longer a dream. You can drive in a straight line and dig at an endless range of angles and in a variety of places – all without having to reposition your excavator.

* Should your client prefer straight pipe trenches, engcon can handle that too.

Har du drömt om att kunna göra det här med din grävmaskin?*

Med engcons tiltrotator är det fullt möjligt. Endast ett rakt spår genom staden
men oändliga variationer av arbetslägen utan att positionera om grävmaskinen.

* Skulle uppdragsgivaren vilja ha raka rörschakter, så går det även att utföra med din engcon.

We know how you can save money and work more efficiently, given the right set of tools.

Read more about your area of work and what a tiltrotator can do for you. Navigate the sections below.

Pipes, water & sewage

Railway engineering

Electrical, telecom & broadband

Construction sites

Road construction

Landscaping & gardening

We know how the excavator can become the hub of your operations. Read more about how engcon is driven by innovation and knowledge.


Maximise excavator capability by reducing:

  1. Assignment time
  2. Fuel consumption
  3. Costs
  4. Environmental impact
  5. Machine wear

Watch our video and compare


When there's no need to move the machine, the operator can stay put and let technology share the responsibility.

  1. Products developed with innovative safety
  2. Designs that help the operator meet his safety responsibilities
  3. No need to move the machine as often
  4. Simple tool changes – no need for the operator to leave the cab
  5. The bucket can reach difficult places
  6. Accessories and tools from a single supplier means peace of mind

More safety from engcon


New modes, new jobs and simpler handling.

  1. No need to move the machine for advanced operations
  2. The bucket can reach difficult places
  3. Quick and easy tool changes
  4. The machine can perform different types of work in a shorter time


Easier work, lower costs and higher safety.

  1. Quick and easy tool changes
  2. Fewer machine moves
  3. Better fuel economy
  4. Reach confined spaces and hard-to-get-to surfaces
  5. Less wear

Maximize your machine

engcon testimonials

engcon has customers worldwide. Read what they have to say about our cooperation, products and what they think of engcon.


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