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08 Sep 2015 09.07
  • Press Release

engcon offering a one-year warranty extension

From 1 September 2015, engcon will be offering a one-year warranty extension on all new engcon tiltrotators.

According to Sten Strömgren, Communication Manager at engcon, the development of Generation 2 – the latest tiltrotators from engcon – has led to such a pronounced advance in terms of both technology and quality that the company did not hesitate in offering a one-year warranty extension.

“Yes, you heard right, and because the entire Generation 2 tiltrotator series will be soon available, it’s time to introduce the extra year,” explains Sten.

At the same time, Sten makes it clear that the offer of a one-year extension also applies to earlier tiltrotator generations as long as they are purchased new after 1 September 2015.

“The one-year extension is also part of our ambition to provide our customers with better service, improved profitability and enhanced confidence in our products,” Sten informs us.

In common with the automotive and equipment industries, engcon has decided to make the warranty extension conditional upon the fulfilment of a number of maintenance schedule items.

“We know from experience that products that are maintained regularly provide added value for the user, who avoids unnecessary downtime; service life is extended and the product commands a higher price in the event of its sale,” concludes Sten Strömgren, who directs customers to engcon’s website for more detailed information on the one-year warranty extension.

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